Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway.
Sex: Not nearly enough.
Location: The Frozen Circle Of Hell. Minnesota.

yumegari may, in fact, not truly exist, as photographic evidence is inconsistent at best, and anything that visits upon IRC the word "meeble" can't possibly be real.

yumegari is mun to far too many characters for her own good, she sometimes feels. This list includes an irritatingly high number of Gallifreyans, which could possibly be attributed to a BBC-related childhood trauma, and a low amount of anything trendy, which is most often attributed to something in the water. Lack of trendinite or something. This list includes but is not limited to:

The Doctor. All ten of him. [http://doctorbluebox.livejournal.com]
Alistair Munro, formerly of the Shop. [http://objective_ali.livejournal.com]
Dr. Clair Watson, formerly of the Shop. [http://doc_w.livejournal.com]
The Rats of NIMH. Any given number of them. [http://rats_of_nimh.livejournal.com]
Borusa. Don't worry if you don't know who he is. [http://old_timelord.livejournal.com]
Edward Scissorhands. [http://just_edward_.livejournal.com]
Davy Jones. The squid-man, not the member of the Monkees. [http://kraken_master.livejournal.com]
Sam-the-fellow-with-no-last-name-as-portrayed-by-Johnny-Depp. [http://thenextkeaton.livejournal.com]
Willy Wonka. Who bears a striking resemblance to the aforementioned Mr. Depp. [http://ww_misopaedist.livejournal.com]
Remus Lupin, who bears no resemblance to David Thewlis. [http://ironicname.livejournal.com]
Rassilon. [http://inthetower.livejournal.com]
Otto "Dr. Octopus" Octavius. [http://darkoctavius.livejournal.com]
Alexander Wilcox. Miskatonic Grad.
Pilot. Yes, that Pilot.
Death. No, the other Death. [http://dreams_big_sis.livejournal.com]
Thooly. Say no more. [http://lil_outergods.livejournal.com]
Datastream. Autobot. [http://v_12_genius.livejournal.com]
V. [http://vicarious_v.livejournal.com]
Oriana Osborn. Watch out when she's got cymbals. [http://goblin_music.livejournal.com]
Dr. Perry Cox. [http://coxofthewalk.livejournal.com]
Basil of Baker Street. [http://detective_mouse.livejournal.com]
Nebogipfel. [http://timeswitness.livejournal.com]
Dr. Lisa Cuddy. [http://dr_decolletage.livejournal.com]

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