Dr Grey (grey-matter)

Dr. Grey is an original character from a story. He can normally be found on dear_multiverse and in Sanctuary. He is munned by Dark.



Name: Alastor Grey (Known by most as Dr. Grey or Grey as very few, if any, know his first name.)
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Blood Type: A-
Birth Date: March 31, 1980
Zodiac: Aries
Height: Around 6'3"
Weight: Around 180 lbs
Build: Large frame, some muscle/in shape
Eye Color: Has complete heterochromia, right eye is brown, left has central heterochromia, a pale blue color with light brown circling the pupil.
Hair Color: Brown with a few wisps/bangs of white hair around the bangs on the left side.
Hair style: Fairly short
Skin tone: A bit pale
Nationality: Caucasian
Language: Japanese, English
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Occupation: Mad… scientist?
Strengths: Intelligent, seeming lack of fear, seeming lack of empathy or morals
Weaknesses: Prone to "wandering off" mentally, quick mood changes, can fly off the handle and become violent/angry rather easily
Likes: Science, technology, physical enhancement of human beings, experimenting and tampering
Dislikes: Being contradicted or disagreed with, "powers of the mind", physical contact

Clothes: Grey is rarely seen outside of his work clothes. He usually wears an un-tucked button up shirt with a tie, a long lab coat, slacks of a neutral color that tend to be just a little too long for him (they tend to bunch a little around his shoes), and black or brown shoes.

Enhancements: Having lost his left arm in an "accident" the arm is now fully mechanical.

Personality: Grey seems to shift between quirky and odd (often coming across almost overly cheerful to the point of seeming manic), detached and stoic, and violently aggressive. He's quick tempered and impulsive, sardonic and sarcastic, and his sadism is no small thing.


Dr. Grey was born Alastor Grey in Okinawa, Japan to Phenex Grey and Gibrielle Lorentz, both of whom were from very well off families. Phenex and Gibrielle were fairly young when they got together and, eventually, moved in together into their own house. Phenex began to get into science as a career and soon became a fair bit obsessed with it, changing drastically from how he was when Gibrielle had met him. He began to spend more time in his basement lab than anything else, eventually even kidnapping and bringing home people to test on. Gibrielle, still very much in love with him, turned a blind eye to it all.

Eventually Gibrielle became pregnant with a boy. Phenex was in great opposition to the child being born, but Gibrielle would hear none of it, eventually birthing the child and naming him Alastor. Phenex became even more reclusive, preferring to pretend his son didn't exist (ignoring him entirely and/or never referring to him or calling him by name) and rarely even venturing up from the basement anymore. At this point he'd also begun conversing with other likeminded scientists. The start of plans for a facility that would work on human research subjects began, and eventually these scientists, along with Phenex, went on to create it. They became the head scientists, appointing many others under themselves and dividing the facility into various wings for different research.

Grey's mother became increasingly wary of Phenex and his involvement in the research facility and, as things began to fall apart between them, she considered taking Grey and leaving. Phenex attempted to keep her with him in every way possible, seeing as she knew far, far too much by now. Gibrielle died suddenly, and very unexpectedly, of a massive heart attack when Grey was seven years old. Grey found an empty vial of insulin in his father's bedroom drawer shortly thereafter, strongly suggesting that his father had been the culprit in her death. He learned to take care of himself, living in fear that his father would find him a burden and kill him as well. Grey ceased to use his first name (seeing as his mother had named him and his father never called him by anything, rarely even acknowledging his existence anyway) and never told it to anyone again, often harming or getting into fights with anyone who knew it and dared to refer to him by it. Although Grey had grown up at this point with his mother's guidance, he'd also taken an early interest in his father's work despite his dislike of the man. If Phenex acknowledged Grey at all in his mind, it was perhaps to take some pride in the fact that his son had taken to science from an early age.

At the age of twelve Grey got his first visit to his father's work place, getting a peek at the first subject, born of a surrogate mother, in the A wing which dealt with mental prowess. The B wing (physical prowess) was still in construction at this time. Grey was visiting his father's work place regularly by the time he was fifteen. The B wing was still under construction, but the A wing now held two test subjects. The original (Ryosuke), and a psychic boy named Alex who had actually sought out the facility and volunteered himself. Grey strongly disliked the other boy, who constantly felt the need to predict everything that would happen to him on a daily basis. Between this and a prior unsavory experience as a child, he found that people with powers of the mind made him feel vulnerable and exposed, and thus he grew a strong dislike of people with these powers. Grey eventually killed Alex when the other boy crossed a thin line.

Eventually, he began to work at the facility himself. He quickly rose to the top among the scientists, with only one thing in his way of the position as one of the leaders. His own father. At the age of nineteen, Grey trapped his father in with a biochemical weapon the man had been working on and set it loose on him, effectively killing him and taking his position. The B wing had been finished by now and Grey took over his father's work with it's first subject who, after refusing to give him a name, he dubbed Spider.

After working on Spider for a while he took on a new project. Whereas Spider was an experiment in physical enhancement without synthetic materials, Grey was now focusing on both as he created a female android named Althaea. At some point a female scientist named Arlene, who had tried to join the facility and then attempted to back out when she saw what went on inside, (normally such people were eliminated) escaped and alerted authorities to it. The government attempted to shut down the facility, resulting in chaos as test subjects and scientists fled. Having only managed to keep Spider at his side while escaping, Grey's main goal was now to recover his android experiment. Arlene took in fleeing test subjects and formed a resistance as the scientists regrouped in an attempt to reclaim their most prized project.

Grey's heterochromia (mismatched eyes, the blueish one with brown in it particularly as his eyes were originally both fully brown), bits of white in his hair, and missing limb are all a result of an explosion (set up by the resisting test subjects). It'd have been worse if the another scientist hadn't tried to shove him out of the way and thus taken the brunt. He quickly sets to work creating himself a mechanical replacement for his lost limb.

In the end the fight is lost and Grey barely escapes unscathed with Spider alone. Spider and a simple basement lab are now all he has.


Spider: Spider is an experiment started by Grey's father. Spider was snatched up off the streets at the age of seven after escaping an abusive home situation, and experimented on with the intentions of physically enhancing him (increasing strength, speed, and combat ability in general). After killing his father, (soon after Spider was brought in) Grey took over work with Spider, naming him such when the boy refused to reveal his name.

Spider is now fifteen and the only experiment aside from Nibbler that Grey still has in his hands. Not long ago, the stress of an abusive upbringing followed by brutal experimentation proved too much for the boy and his personality split, one side being a bit childish, unstable, uncooperative and generally useless to Grey (much to his chagrin) and the other violent, a bit more lucid, and much more loyal to Grey. Grey is in the process of continuing his work on Spider and attempting to stablize his personality disorder.

Althaea: A female android created by Grey. Grey began to lose interest in Spider (something that deeply bothered and angered the boy) as he started to work on mixing synthetic materials and nanotechnology with the techniques he'd been using on him. Althaea was the result. Grey lost Althaea when the illegal facility he worked in (and partly owned) was forcibly shut down by the government. He only made it out with Spider, and was unable to recover Althaea when she joined a resistance group which, in the end, defeated all the attempts he and the other regrouped scientists made to reclaim her.

Nibbler: A bionic rat created by Grey as a little project while bored. Nibbler was pretty much discarded by Grey upon completion, simply running around wherever he pleases now. He tends to follow Grey's other remaining experiment, Spider. Nibbler's fur is all black with a white star over his right ear and his enhancements include: A fully mechanical left forearm and paw, a red robotic left eye (think Terminator) which has better eyesight and is capable of focusing/zooming a bit, a fully mechanical tail, metal teeth, and a mechanical heart.

Pen: A childhood acquaintance of Grey's (Note: Considering their current ages it's actually impossible for them to have been the same age as they are in that RP but Pen mun and I kinda just ignored that. Hah.) Grey and Pen met in school, both having a similar interest in science and becoming scientists. Their 'friendship' was brief however when Grey attempted to use Pen himself as an experimental subject. They have been 'reunited' as adults in the Nexus, resulting in more hilarity and fighting. Grey's last interaction with Pen included a retaliation of sorts (Pen knocked Grey out with a sedative after Grey allowed Spider to toy with him.) involving poison and a 'see if you can find the chemical to neutralize it in the forty-eight hours you have!'. Grey has not heard from Pen since.

Some & Things: It all started when Grey noticed the Things (Some's children of sorts.) And when he kidnapped one with the intentions of experimenting on it. In the end, the Thing managed to get free enough to feed on his 'madness', resulting in Grey killing it in self defense and walking around a sane scientist for a while.

This is when Grey met Some. Who, needless to say, was not pleased about the news of his son's death at Grey's hands. As Grey regained his madness, he took increasing interest in Some himself, finally crossing the line and blinding the grue in a small experiment on the boy's photosensitivity. This resulted in some very angry friends.

Otto (octopus_hubris): A fellow scientist who is convinced that Grey is incompetent and downright dangerous. He's taken a few opportunities to beat on Grey, the final straw being when Grey caused injury to a friend of the man's (Some!). Otto proceeded to tear Grey's mechanical left arm clean off and turn him over to yet another scientist, who has no qualms about using a scientist like Grey in her experiments (Clair!).

Clair: A female scientist who focuses primarily on neurology, Clair gladly took Grey as a test subject when Otto (octopus_hubris, not the one who is her husband) handed him over to her. Grey manages to escape from her after a few weeks of experimentation.

The Nexus:

Grey accidentally found himself in the Nexus one day when he opened a random door in a school's science wing. He'd apparently been stealing some common, mundane science supplies there. He was quite thrilled to find himself in a 'new world' and made conversation with a few likeminded individuals. Precious little information on the Nexus was given to him on his first time there.

Grey's second visit is partly due to interest and partly because… Spider has found the Nexus as well. And disappeared into it. While looking for Spider Grey finds Nibbler, a bionic rat he created, who normally follows the boy. He also finds Kaa, a large python who happens to have befriended Spider. He nearly gets himself killed by Kaa when it becomes evident that he's probably not the best person for Spider to be returned to.

Grey then met a childhood acquaintance named Pen while in the Nexus and the two proceeded to catch up a bit. His next visit gave evidence to the fact that he hadn't quite been educated about the Nexus and it's peculiarities. That evidence being the fact that he was a seven year old carrying LOLed cookies that caused de-aging.

Following his return to normal age Grey decides to utilize the Nexus in search of something rare and normally difficult to come by, as well as a useful tool. Tensions between Grey and Otto are gradually rising.

Grey finally finds Spider. Or rather Spider finds him. Pen wanders over and asks to see Spider in action, resulting in Grey allowing Spider to toy with the man a bit. Pen does not find any of this amusing and ends up spraying Grey with a sedative. This results in Spider beating the shit out of Pen before the man manages to fight him off with a chemical attack and escape. Grey wakes up and seems bent on revenge for the whole thing.

In the end Grey gets his revenge by sneakily poisoning one of Pen's drinks and announcing the man's forty-eight hour time limit to find an antidote in the Nexus. He then goes on to ask about Dissociative Identity Disorder in the hopes of curing Spider of it. He never hears from Pen again and assumes the man dead.

Grey is soon after kidnapped for the Battle Royale. Grey wakes up in the classroom, and has a brief chitchat with a Nexus acquaintance. After having little reaction to a girl having her head explode and a young man being shot at, and even dozing off a bit, he calmly listens to the explanation of why he is there. It's when he accepts his bag and leaves that he realizes something is horribly wrong with his mechanical arm (that being that it's been depowered).

Once he's left the classroom and found a safe place, he takes the time to find the weapon he's been given, a box of matches, and formulate a half-hazard plan.

Grey then moves off into the night to burn the sleeping place of a group of people he has found with the intentions of taking their weapons once they are dead. Unfortunately one of them, NNY, has set up traps, and thus hears him coming. After a brutal fight between NNY and Grey, Ichigo finally dispatches Grey on accident with a crossbow. Grey is thus dumped back into the Nexus, having been killed in the game.

Grey begins visiting Sanctuary soon after his encounter with Battle Royale. Tensions with Otto only grow worse as he causes disturbances there. Eventually Grey kidnaps a Thing (one of Some's children) with the intentions of experimenting on it and figuring out what it is. After it gets free and feeds on his madness, resulting in Grey killing it, a sane Grey meets Some. Who is none too pleased about the news. His madness is quickly restored and the other Things mark Grey but Some tells them not to kill him.

Grey begins to now take interest in Some himself. He begins to perform small experiments right there in Sanctuary on the boy. At one point, he goes too far, blinding the Grue in an attempt to determine how photosensitive he is. Otto has had enough of Grey at this point and proceeds to tear his mechanical arm off and hand him over to Clair for experimentation. Grey manages to escape after a few weeks in her 'care'. He proceeds to discreetly and gradually attempt to poison Otto with cyanide, wisely stopping when suspicions surrounding the man's illness start to rise.

A while later Grey finds himself caught in a Nexus induced shared dream with Some in which he captures the Grue (who was mistakenly attempting to infiltrate the place) in his old facility. He proceeds to run tests and studies on Some until the stress becomes too much and the dream (or nightmare) ends for Some, thus ending it for Grey as well.

At some point, Grey finds himself mocked by Clair during an unfortunate encounter with Inky in Sanctuary. He retaliates by blowing up her lab, naturally. It isn't long after that that he encounters a younger alternate of Pen, and manages to convince the boy to help him gather information on Some and the Grue race. Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, Grey manages to get his hands on someone else he's been interested in, that being Savannah. In the end, non-AU Grey and Savannah end up with memories of the experience.

Grey's mun got bored of detailing every aspect of Grey's Nexus experience out of boredom (that makes sense) about here.

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