This mun is certifiably insane. She lives in Midwestern Hell (also known to you coastal bastards as 'flyover land') in the United States. If you do not live in the US, the mun apologizes for what is currently running her country. She didn't vote for it, and is counting the days until it leaves.

The mun has three cats and a very stupid dog. The dog was not her idea.

At this very moment, the mun's brain has suffered a critical brain crash, and has to stop writing. Stop cheering, damnit.

Links of marginal interest

sometimes the mun draws. mostly, she doesn't.

the adventures of… no, it's not that interesting.

even less interesting than watching ceiling cat masticate.

because you always wanted to know what the mun was listening to, right? stop laughing.

Active pups

Rarely used pups

Inactive or shelved pups


The mun doesn't have a soundtrack, but if it did it would have way too much Peter Gabriel and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

on second thought, one can never have too much PG and RHCP.

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