Kacey Brynn

Kacey Brynn is the Improbable Frakcanon Child of Kara Thrace and Leoben Conoy, so— while she was born to a surrogate human mother, and believes herself to be human, in fact she's three-quarters Cylon. She has weird dreams, sometimes, true dreams about things she shouldn't know, but neither she nor her mom likes to think about that, so by now she pretty much keeps them to herself. Other than that she isn't particularly psychic in any way, other than being an unusually good guesser.

This version of Kacey is ten years old, so while she comes from the same universe as Kara and Leoben she's several years ahead of them and of canon.

In the meantime: she looks and acts pretty much like a normal ten-year-old girl. She likes math, and complex machinery— she wants to be a pilot when she grows up, because pilots (especially Kara) are awesome— but generally thinks most of school is useless when she could be around real people (teachers aren't real people, duh). Between that and her strongly inherited tendency against any kind of self-preservational instinct, the Nexus is the perfect place for her; she doesn't care if it's dangerous, as long as she gets to meet interesting new people, and there's never any shortage of those.

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