Valeria Richards (valrichards)

Valeria Richards is a beacon of cute. Her father is Mister Fantastic, and her mother is the Invisible Woman. She has a older brother named Franklin (yes, that crazy powerful kid), an uncle who combusts (Human Torch), an uncle made of rock (The Thing), and a time traveling grandfather (Nathanial Richards).

When it comes to canon Valeria is an aged version of her 616 counterpart, who in comparison to the comic counterpart, actually ages every year.

It would be wise not to mess with her, as Victor Von Doom is her God-Daddy, and he will throw you off a cliff.

General History

Sometimes it’s good thing to have a sibling with reality warping powers. If it wasn’t for Franklin warping his sister to an alternate universe before her birth, Valeria would have never existed.

Thought by Reed and Susan Richards to be stillborn, Valeria Richards was in fact conceived, albeit in a different dimension. In this dimension, Valeria was raised by Sue and Victor Von Doom. Valeria was “Mommy’s Little Miracle”, and Doom was more than proud of her, as she became heir to the Latverian throne at the age of 12. Her childhood was a happy one, she often played with her older brother “Sparky”, and spent time training her mutant talents and abilities, so she could become Marvel Girl. It was by an accident of her time traveling powers that she somehow found herself on Earth 616.

Valeria was quickly lost in this new world. Her mother initially refused to believe this child was her daughter, and Reed spent many hours trying to solve this mystery. Eventually Sue came to accept her daughter, and Valeria became a part of the Richards family. This however didn’t last all that long, her and Franklin were soon sent to Haven across the universe for their own protection. When they returned, Valeria combined her powers with Franklin to stop the evil Abraxas - which in turn had Valeria regress to pre-birth in Sue’s womb.

Sue’s pregnancy once more proved to be difficult, which lead to Johnny seeking Doom’s aid. Doom delivered Valeria, and as he held her, he whispered a spell that made her his familiar - she was Doom’s eyes, and ears, his vessel to destroy the Fantastic Four. Doom made contact with her many times, seemingly trying to mold her one of his followers. Reed found a way to break Doom’s hold over Valeria, and banished Doom to hell. For now it seems as though that hold is finally broken, only time will tell.

Nexus History

Val arrived in the Nexus by accident. She was playing in her father's lab, and somehow found a portal. She has a tendency to try and annoy people, or just run up and have fun.

Val has since gotten into fights with Hamlet, been declared the “Most Normal Girl in the Nexus” and tried to save its denizens with stuffed animals. Most of the time she just pops in to amuse herself because she can.

Powers and Abilities

Currently Valeria has a minor manifestation of psionic energy manipulation. She can make her toys jump in the air, and that’s about it. She also has a tendency to subconsciously create force fields that protect her from the things she bangs into. This is a “well” kept secret between her older brother and her, as Franklin has instructed her to keep it a secret for as long as she can.


Val is hyper. Val is loud. Val believes that all humans and mutants should be treated equal, because they are humans. Violence and hurting people are bad things and should never be done (unless Val is having a temper tantrum, then she may begin asking for people to explode mean classmate’s pets).

Despite her age, Val does believe in a form of redemption, however she doesn’t know what it really is. In her mind anyone can change, and the most logical way to do it is by having someone or something to love and love you back unconditionally.

Val’s naïve and trusting, she’ll befriend anyone really as long as they’re nice to her. This goes with her whole “see the good in everyone” philosophy to life.

Right Now

Val has recently turned seven and has just started the first grade. Things are not going as well as she planned. Her teacher is no where near as smart as her father, and she’s the only student with a robot. Luckily for her, she managed to befriend a young boy obsessed with magic and a young girl who happens to be the daughter of a local mob boss. School’s going better now.

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