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Caleb Banacek is an character from the BattleTech fandom. His mun is Matty, which means that he may completely forget to post to threads involving you and just seem to wander off. Mind, this is a trait of the mun, not the character.

Basic Information

Caleb is a trueborn Warrior caste human from the 32nd century. Being a trueborn human means that he has been genetically bred by his Clan, Clan Star Adder, to be effective in their chosen form of combat - mech-based combat. As a result of this, while he is not a metahuman or mutant, he does approach the peak of human capability in most attributes, especially intelligence and reflexes.


While Caleb is not an "oh my god he's so hot" person, he is definitely attractive. He stands approximately six feet tall, with brown hair that spikes everywhere regardless of what he does to it (how this happens is not clear, but it does) and dark brown eyes. (I swear there'll be a real picture of him sooner or later.)

Clothing-wise, around the Nexus he tends to be dressed in a t-shirt (generally just a plain white t-shirt, though other colors work too; he shies away from things with logos and whatnot), blue jeans (which may or may not have various stains from working on his mech), and an odd-looking futuristic vest (in fact, it's a cooling vest, used to… well, keep him cool when he's in his mech).

Currently, his PB is Scott Clifton. Unlike Scott Clifton, he is actually capable of making expressions that are not :| or o_o.


The most driving force in Caleb's personality is his honor. Caleb is generally polite and friendly to people he meets while inside the Nexus, going so far as to offer to help people he either hardly knows or doesn't know at all, under the assumption that it is both the honorable and correct thing to do. Outside of the Nexus, he is significantly more easily offended and significantly colder to people, and generally will attempt to apply the Clan honor system of zellbrigen (LINK HERE) to situations - even situations in which it is unnecessary. In situations in which he feels he or one of his friends is threatened, he will become confrontational extremely quickly, and has no qualms about using violence.

Those who are close friends with Caleb get to see a side of him that many don't - while he is a warrior first and foremost, people he feels comfortable with will also note that he is capable of joking, laughing, and having fun - and even though he is occasionally unfamiliar with social cues or cultural concepts in the Nexus, he even be snarky occasionally.


Blood Asp

Caleb's most important possession is the Blood Asp. The Blood Asp is a ninety-five ton, five-story tall mech looking something like (LINK HERE) this. While Caleb's Blood Asp differs in equipment from Blood Asps' standard loadout, its weapons fire is easily capable of leveling large buildings in 20 seconds - and those are 3072 buildings as opposed to modern-day buildings.

The Blood Asp Banacek is armed with a huge, class-20 autocannon capable of firing either solid shells or cluster rounds, large and medium pulse lasers in each arm, and a standard medium laser. Its speed tops out at approximately 60 kilometers per hour, though it can walk at speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour.


Ever since finding that the Blood Asp tends to be vastly ineffective when he's not actually in it, Caleb has procured a Clan vibrosword from his original universe. Said vibrosword runs on a battery pack with a so-far undefined lifespan, and when turned on, is capable of cutting through materials as strong as steel and concrete with relative ease. When encountering Caleb, it can be safely assumed that he has his vibrosword on him at any given time.


Canonical History

This is a trick entry. As an OC, Caleb has no canonical history.


(Work in progress, as I'm trying to find a way to phrase things that doesn't involve lots of BattleTech jargon.)

Caleb was born in 3051, during the height of the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. Like any Clan warrior, he was brought up to adhere to zellbrigen - the code of honor held by all Clanners, regardless of caste - and was subjected to a rigorous series of tests and lessons on the use of BattleMechs. Anyone who failed, like in every Clan, was immediately demoted to a lower caste.

Of his sibko - the group of warriors born via the same genetic DNA - he was one of the few who made it the whole way and proceeded to join the Warrior caste after succeeding in his final test - his Trial of Position, requiring him to fight both other members of his sibko and older Warriors. It was not too long after that that he was nominated for, and subsequently won, the Banacek bloodname - via a Trial of Bloodright, again using his mech skills to great effect in order to gain more honor for both himself and his Clan.

With a Bloodname - something difficult to get even among the small pool of Warriors in a Clan - and obvious skill, all people expected him to advance throughout the Clan military ranks, and he had advanced to the rank of Star Captain when, in typically Nexus dramatic fashion, something happened.

Deviation from Canon

Many of his early questions concerned comparing his own culture to that of the Nexus, and finding a lot of differences that at first confused him. While he did make friends and begin to understand where he was and what it was more, the entire concept of a place where everyone was equal regardless of caste and where honor tended to be disregarded confused him.

After reporting back to his Clan, he was tasked with the duty of studying the Nexus and discovering if it had anything to offer Clan Star Adder. To this date, he has decided that the Clan could profit greatly by coming into the Nexus, but is a bit conflicted on how he feels about it.

Slowly he has developed into an almost normal Nexus denizen, though not without his quirks. The Nexus has had a rather profound effect on his views, making him question things about Clan culture (such as the bias against freebirths - people not born via the genetics program; the insistence on Clan honor in every circumstance, as people in the Nexus tend to be less honorable; and the Clan view on romantic relationships as useless and degrading from the need to help the Clan).

At this point, he is not sure where he allegiance lies. On the one hand, he has been brought up to believe in the Clan and to support it, and they have never done anything to betray him. On the other hand, he thinks that a Clan invasion would be very detrimental to the health of the Nexus, and he would severely miss all of his friends in the Nexus - especially Selene.

The Nexus

Caleb has undergone several trials while in the Nexus. Most important of these - to him - is the discovery of love as an emotion directed at a person, rather than a thing. Initially he had thought he had found it with a certain Harley Quinn, but that relationship - if it ever existed - was quickly ended, and at this point in time he is currently in a relationship with the Bhaalspawn Selene. More about this relationship will be detailed in that part of the wiki, as it is far too much to just leave in the general history section.

Another major factor in his Nexus development was what was only known as the 'clone incident', in which several Nexus denizens had clones made of them, evil or otherwise - though most tended towards evil. Caleb was one of the unfortunates who was cloned, and his clone - along with a clone of Rei Ayanami - decided to do 'things' to Selene. The resulting hunt for those two - and the discovery that somehow, they had both ended up as werewolves - has made Caleb a bit more cautious in dealing with 'alternates', and a hatred of werewolves that makes him immediately hostile and possibly violent towards them.

Other than his own personal bits of drama, and his tasks in clone-hunting (as his own clone and Rei's clone were not the only ones he hunted), Caleb has contributed little that is lasting to the Nexus. While he does have close relationships with many people, were he to disappear there would be little to remember him by.

Important Relationships

Selene (selene_bhaal)

Phoenix Wright (wright_idea)

Yuuko Ichihara (dimension_bitch)

Li Chang (clever__fool)

Otto Octavius (octopus_hubris)

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