Tohim is the mun of four pups in the Nexus. He's often mistaken for a woman because he thought the nick hannah_mcracken would be easier to use in IRC than Tohim for some reason. He is, however, a male. He lives in Canada, is 17 and is currently in Grade 12, set to graduate at the end of the year. Tohim is a ballet dancer by trade, and attends Canada's National Ballet School. He currently plans to take another year to train to perfect his technique. After dancing, he would like to pursue a career in television writing. He also enjoys working out, exercising, reading and learning the lyrics to bad awesome awesomely bad J-pop songs.

His fandoms are many and varied, though he isn't very involved in any of them aside from RP. Some fandoms include Buffy the Vampire Slayer (for over ten years,) Sailor Moon, Naruto (pre-filler,) Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Shin Megami Tensei (Nocturne, Persona 3, Digital Devil Saga,) Metal gear Solid, Wild ARMs 5, Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy (yes, all of them,) A Song of Ice and Fire, The Mistborn Trilogy and a bunch of other anime (Persona: Trinity Soul, Elfen Lied, Escaflowne…the list goes on.)

His pups are:

Hannah McCracken (hannah_mcracken) - A now-fifteen-year-old Slayer, and OC. Trained by Taskmaster (uptothetask) and reviled by many, she's a mostly joly little girl who happens to be able to kung-fu with the best of them. She's actually kind of messed up, though she's super at ignoring that and moving on. She was also one of the lucky contestants chosen to participate in the first Battle Royale!

Aino Minako, Sailor Venus (senshi_of_venus) - The soldier of love and justice! She's from the Sailor Moon Fuckcanon. She left the fight a long time ago, but she's back. Be afeared!

Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (dynast_queen) - From Final Fantasy XII. Debatably the main character of the game. Basically? She can kick your ass.

Takeba Yukari (for_my_father) - A teenaged Persona-user and accomplished conspiracy theorist. She's pretty strong from all her training with bow and arrows; in fact, she's the captain of Gekkoukan High's Archery Club. A good friend of Iori Junpei, and a love interest for the main character, she's (as are the rest of my pups, it seems) tough and strong when she wants to be.

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