To Do List

Because I'm obsessive and strange, I thought that people putting down stuff they're planning to write might be useful. That way, you can be like "oh, I don't need to make it" or "did you include this thing, cause if not I have it" and whatnot. Or just suggest stuff.

  • game customs particular to D_M (some people are okay with threadjacking and some aren't, some people edit away notices into their post, most people use AIM or IRC for contact, sometimes the journals have a post specifically for OOC contact)
  • infamous events/threads/plots (pirate invasion, battle royale, rassplosion)
  • formal and informal organizations unique to Nexus (Freelance Inc., people who work for Bendix; also canon organizations that now have crossover members, like Enzan with Batfamily, or the Jump City OC Titans)
  • IC places that don't have their own comm (Sanctuary, houses/workplaces/whatever if people are likely to go visit there, descriptions of universes if necessary such as Universe of Shrimp or whatever version of a canon universe you're using — I did do a general Gotham City article, so stuff like that?)
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