Tim Drake (Robin)

This Tim Drake hails from the distant and often painfully handled land of canon, currently embroiled in the events of 52. While wild speculation and Swamp Thing's repeated promises of pina coladas have hinted that he may at any moment depart from traumatizing canon environs for fairer shores, where Cassandra doesn't get plotjacked, Bart doesn't die, the Giant Yellow Space Bug of Fear — okay, well, that's still around, but you can't have everything — is stridently not spoken of, and so on and so forth … this tempting lapse of sanity has yet to happen.

Until then, Tim tenaciously clings to the scraps of his emotional health, reforms the Titans, has confusing oral interaction with Cassie, spends long hours trying to clone his best friend back to life, struggles to find his new place in Bruce's life despite their history and the annoying spawn from the past popping up, and — though he can't remember the details upon waking — he dreams. He dreams about the Nexus, where he speaks to people he's lost and people he'll never meet and people who have his face or the faces of people he loves but are nothing like them.

When he wakes up, sometimes things are a little less difficult to get through. Sometimes it's a little easier to breathe. And that can't be a bad thing? Can it?


  1. Reggie & the Full Effect - Get Better Soon
  2. Guided by Voices - Gonna Never
  3. Beck - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
  4. Hello Stranger - Her in These Lights
  5. Michael Penn - Walter Reed
  6. Cake - Palm of Your Hand
  7. Gorillaz - O Green World
  8. Blur - Strange News From Another Star
  9. The Fratellis - Flathead
  10. Brand New - Soco Amaretto Lime
  11. Razorlight - Somewhere Else
  12. Franz Ferdinand - Outsiders
  13. The Caesers - We Got to Leave
  14. Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon
  15. Modest Mouse - Ocean Breathes Salty
  16. The Distillers - City of Angels
  17. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - The Crane Takes Flight
  18. Blur - Caravan
  19. Lola Ray - Time is Industry
  20. The Wrens - I've Made Enough Friends
  21. Straylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night
  22. Guided by Voices - Back to the Lake
  23. Modest Mouse - Black Cadillacs
  24. The Beatsteaks - Hello Joe
  25. OK Go - It's a Disaster
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