St. John Allerdyce (Pyro)

St. John Allerdyce, or Pyro, is from the X-Men movies (2 & 3). While the name St. John is an actual name, pronounced sin-jin, other characters in the movie simply call him John. At the end of X2, we see John join Magneto and Mystique in the helicopter. Those that have seen X3 may assume that the events took place roughly as depicted, minus the juvenile dialogue.



Though a talented pyrokinetic, John was not initially capable of producing fire unaided, and customarily depended on a zippo or wrist-attached flamethrower to generate the necessary spark. However, he could manipulate any visible source of fire in his vicinity, assuming it wasn't already under another pyrokinetic's control. Canonically, his control is fine enough to make a cigarette burst into flames without harming the smoker, and his power great enough to blow up cars and forcibly propel people through wooden obstacles.

After a year of training with Liz Sherman, he is now capable of creating his own fire. An added benefit of this training include increased protection from fire that isn't his and the limited ability to sense fires and fire hazards that are nearby but not visible. He still requires more training to tap the full potential of his powers, but it is unlikely he will ever be as strong as his ex-friend Bobby Drake, whose mutation is in the comics classified as omega level (unlimited and ultimate potential). The assumed equivalent movieverse designation is 5, with 1 being the lowest. Callisto says she knows that (because of her mutation) Magneto and Pyro are "the only mutants [in the Brotherhood] above a class 3". Logically, that puts John at 4, meaning in terms of causing immediate destruction, he is a relatively formidable opponent.

Nexus Canon

Meeting and subsequently training with Liz has made an enormous difference in his life. She and her husband Henry are the only adults he trusts implicitly. Staying with them forced John to reevaluate many aspects of his life, such as his affiliation with the Brotherhood, and how his powers should or should not be used. To a lesser degree, he's also learned to use more caution in how he treats people. He still retains something of his angry, volatile nature, but this kind of violence is now carefully concealed out of a desire not to upset his adopted family. He's killed a lot of people and he would kill again, under the right circumstances — so he's staying away from those circumstances, and hoping they don't come to him.

He is dating the daughter of an alternate universe Liz and Abe, Helena Sapien-Sherman (see soundtrack: 12, 21, 23, 24).


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