Isis Macrow-Takashima (thebalanckeepr)

Name : Isis Macrow-Takashima
Nicknames : Is ("Ice"), "Shortstack"
Age : 25
Height : 5'1"
Weight : 115lbs.
Hair Color : Purple
Eye Color : Purple (Note: Without her glasses Isis is incredibly nearsighted, and relies on Aurasight to make out people when she's not wearing them. Objects are really fuzzy)
Distinguishable Marks : No visible ones.
Race : Human, Skyderian Balance Mage.

Isis Macrow is 25 years old. Her mother died of an as of yet named disease when Isis was about five years old. She was raised primarily by her father, with occasional assistance from her youngest aunt on her father's side. Isis is an only child, though she seems to have this habit of claiming close friends as pseudo family.

After the Skyderian Equivalent of high school, Pyra helped Isis get a job with the Enforcers, where the Balance Mage worked as a secretary type of person, dealing with paperwork, non-emergancy calls, and so forth until she got fed up with a particular geomancer dumping his reports on her.

She then got a job with spell revisions, where she eventually had her first contact with the Nexus from a flubbed spell. It's currently believed that someone sneezed.

Isis's history in the Nexus is pretty much on the fringes of quite a bit as she went along to find a way to get back home, meeting people and making friends in the nexus along the way. Various events have effected her, making her a cat, a grue, and gods know what else. She even went on to search for Clair Octavius when she vanished due to the Hanover ghost, assisting Z and his folks from escaping the shop because it was the Right Thing to do… etc.

+Currently surviving blood family as of September 13, 2007

Maria Dession(-Macrow)
The Eldest of three, Maria is a Light-Hydromancer who joined the Skyderian Imperial Resistance in an attempt to defeat Timemaster, rather than the Lost Angel Enforcers like her brother. Even then, she supposedly betrayed the resistance. She was part of a faction of mages that were recruited for the Imperial Resistance, "Project Elemental"

Maria is sort of the "Black Sheep" of Anton's family, not readily mentioned at family gatherings or by Anton himself. The two tend to get into arguments that quickly escalate into a childish mess. She also is a bit of a prankster, as well.

She is also a rarity in the fact that she revoked the Macrow name when she got married, it's hyphenated on documents and important things, but she commonly introduces herself without it, and prefers to be known this way. She is married to Agen Dession, the Aeromancer who acts as the windmaster of "Project Elemental"

Maria is taller than Anton, having dark purple hair like her brother, but very very blue eyes and lighter skin (though you have to have them together to really tell). She's built lean, like a female runner.

Anton Macrow
Isis's father, former Enforcer commander and now High Councilman of Lost Angels. Calm, collected, sensible man. Levelheaded, except in the case of his sister. Prefers situations explained, rather than going in bullheaded and not knowing. He also served during the end of the Timemaster war, which is presumably when he lost his eye, he doesn't talk about it often.

He and Isis's mother were married a few years before the Timemaster War ended. Isis was born roughly two years after the war ended.

He, incidentally, also approves of Eiko's relationship with Isis.

Physical description is a man a few inches taller than Isis, dark purple hair, glasses, and an eyepatch over the left eye. Purple eyes and fairly dark skin. Average appearance, really.

Sarah Macrow
The youngest of the three, Sarah was the one that helped raise Isis. She is, like her older brother, a Lightmage.

Sarah is also taller than Anton, though not by much. Sarah is different in the fact that she has pure white hair and purple eyes. This is due to her mother having white hair.

Sarah is a music teacher, as well. It's from her that Isis learned to play the piano. Isis looks up to Sarah in this respect, due to this.

Isis's Grandmother(unnamed, likely not to be named unless required): (for reference) Naturally white hair, blue eyes.

Isis's Grandfather (unnamed, likely not to be named unless required): (For reference) Naturally purple hair, dark purple eyes.

+"Claimed" Family thus far as of September 13, 2007

Pyra Trake - The first individual Isis has claimed as a sister. Pyra was formally Isis's girlfriend, before she even discovered the Nexus. It was eventually decided that Pyra and Isis's relationship wouldn't work in that sense. Pyra initiated the breakup, though Isis did agree on all points. She essentially claimed Pyra as a sister after this.
Clair Octavius - The first one in the Nexus to earn this distinction. Clair is a close friend with whom Isis related, surprisingly, on many respects. Isis also helped Clair deal with Hanover, and was one of the people to attempt to FIND Clair when Hanover caused her to lose her mind.
Clair is also one of few people shorter than Isis, even if not by terribly much.

Some* - Some is a bit of an interesting one listed here. Some helped Isis when she was transformed into a Grue, cooking for her, and so forth. Due to this, Isis ended up relating to him as well. She considers him a bit of a little brother.
*Special note on Some: Despite the fact that he attacked her and Eiko, she's still considering him family, just… straddling the line between close friend and claimed family, now. Pretty much inbetween.
*Special note on Eiko: Eiko is on a 'step' higher than family, so she is not listed here.

+Information on Isis's magic and powers

Isis is a Balance Mage. This gives her control over the base Light and Dark energies that supposedly make everything up. This also makes her mind have a bit of a 'split'. A trio. There is a Light Isis, a Dark Isis, and the Whole. Usually, Whole's the most dominant, while leaning lightways.

This makes her a rookie telepath's nightmare, due to the fact that she can be holding sort of a conversation with the other two at any given time. This also gives her the ability to keep up with multiple conversations and subjects at once, as well as randomly changing mental threads when required. A lot of hesitation comes from the fact that sometimes a mental 'discussion' must be had on how to answer.

Isis also, due to this, has the ability to multitask, but she tends to keep her multitasking down to one or two tasks, as it gets harder to keep up with the more she does.

This also gives her a Light and Dark view on any sort of situation.


Isis is a shy, quiet individual who aspires to be outgoing. She is shy because she has fears of what others would think of she acted a certain way, so she's usually careful. She's fairly intelligent, though shows some signs of being slightly sheltered, though a concept needs to only be explained once to twice (depending on how the speaker words it) for Isis to understand it. Isis is levelheaded. Usually thinking before going into a situation, but won't hesitate to help those she considers friends. Or, sometimes, won't hesitate to help those in need when she believes it to be right, even if she herself has voiced opinions of not entirely liking someone.

She prefers warmer months to cooler, though the Skyderian winters might have something to do with deciding this. Large, 'modern' cities (I.E. New York, Megaopolis) intimidate her a good bit. Especially all the PEOPLE.

She fears being alone. And becoming something she isn't. She, thanks to the Grue thing, has overcome her fear (at least mostly) of the Dark.

Isis is sometimes fascinated with offworld technology, though usually intimidated by it as well. Sometimes, one outweighs the other. She's even more fascinated with offworld magic, curious as to how exactly it works.

She is now no longer questioning her sexuality, having settled on "Bi" with extreme leanings more towards females.

Isis does not really actively hate many individuals, rather, she tries to be something of a 'grey' area between most as she judges people for who they are now, rather than what they've done in the past. Only two people have actually earned Isis's hate, and only one of them still lives. One is Agent Brian Hanover, and the other is Delia Harbor (the latter of which, she also fears). The first she doesn't like because he tried to use her. The second is simply for the major reason everyone else doesn't, what she did to Augie, and betraying everyone.

+Misc. Information

Isis is married to Eiko Takashima. They started dating after finding out about Eiko's crush on Isis during one of the Nexus Secrets games, and eventually got engaged. Isis and Eiko had a talk over things, Isis wasn't adverse to the idea at all, nor Eiko, and eventually, they just… started talking more. Learning about each other, finding out that each thought the other was out of her league, etc. Isis discovered that she has a lot more in common with Eiko than she originally thought, as well. And now, the two are Very happy. Most of their interactions have been noted here, in Eiko's Journal memories, though there are more listed in Isis's Journal memories.

Isis also has a specialized PINpoint that Eiko has given her. Isis also wears a silver ring (also from Eiko) with a diamond that seems to have purple impurities, it's made out of the same materials as Isis's staff with a silver and hair core, and is assumed to be likewise indestructible and usable as a focus.

It should be noted that neither one of us (Myself and Eikomun) didn't really know what would happen at the beginning of this, it just happened, really. And to be honest, I still have no idea how Isis knew that was Eiko's secret, one of those "Pup knows more than I do" things.

Isis can speak fluently in Skyderian, Common (though some phrases are occasionally lost on her, and she occasionally has to pause for phrasing), and she can hold a passable conversation in Japanese (Although like English, some phrases will be lost on her due to the way she thinks).

She also owns a store, Macrow Magics and Items.

Isis is also employed at the PrIME Institute as a TEACHER. Ethics of Magic, and Nexus History are her subjects.

+Official stats and appearance

She is 5 foot 1 inch tall, weighing in at roughly a 114lbs or so. Using this weight chart to determine this. She has been described as "busty" for her height, C's bordering on D's (depending on the type, to be honest), to be precise. Thank you my ex-girlfriend for helping me work this out. She's not overly fond with being as chesty as she is some days, but has grown used to it.

She has also been described as physically attractive, though she doesn't always see this herself unless she hears it from certain folks.

Her hair is naturally a very noticeable shade of purple. As are her eyes, though her eyes are a slightly different tint to it. She is extremely nearsighted, though can usually make out shapes of far away individuals, and tends to use aurasight to compensate when not wearing her glasses. When her hair is down completely, it's to her mid-back in length, and is roughly straight.

Her skin tone is somewhat darker than average, enough to remain considered 'Caucasian', but simply appearing mostly tanned. This is probably thanks to the fact that Skydera is a desert world. At least, the area SHE lives in.

Isis tends to wear looser clothes that are designed to keep the wearer at least semi-cool in the warmer months, sandals as well. Regardless of their appearance, the materials made and such. Her ears are also pierced, in four places, the lobes, and upper ears. Small rings with crystals are worn in the upper ears, and small buds or hoops in the lobes.

+External Links and References

Links I've used throughout, and crediting things where Isismun has found them, or used them.

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