The Hub

Tim's Nexus living space is designed to be difficult to track down. However, he isn't trying that hard because there's no sense in having any kind of permanent base that will ultimately prove to be a weakness. He also reasoned that there was no way he could ever compete with the highest levels of technology and/or magic he's seen in the Nexus, so security is not as big an issue as being well-hidden.


Accessible via PINpoint and sundry transportation methods. A 25 by 25 waiting room with two couches (bolted down) facing each other and a coffee table (bolted down) with an intercom set into it. No doors. No bathroom. Air vents are high and narrow, but do eventually lead outside to a desert. From here, Tim can escort people to the Hub, which is in another universe entirely.

  • Status: Complete as of November 2007.


Like his own private Nexus. Different archways look like they lead into hallways with doors at the end, but in fact, they teleport you to an identical hallway in a different universe when you step through. (That hallway has the real door, as well as a fake Hub extension "behind" you — you will be teleported back to the hub when you step through again. The fake Hub extensions do lead to empty rooms, however, though the doors are locked.) These doors can only be activated by someone who roughly matches Tim's various biological signals transmitted by the PDA, plus voice matched password. You get two tries, then lasers. The Hub itself is simply another underground bunker in another anonymous universe. You can reach it with a special keycard.

  • Status: Complete as of January 2008, except for the lasers, which are on hold.

ARCH ONE (Decontamination)

Full process here. Basically, clothes are destroyed, they go through intensive washing, then are issued new clothing. This is made trickier by the existence of LOLs, meaning there might be extra steps like "get splashed by holy water", "have magnets passed over body", or other nonsensical things like that.

  • Status: Incomplete as of February 2008, on hold.

ARCH TWO (Headquarters)

Underground bunker, radiation shielded, reinforced security. This is what passes for his "real" home. Different walls are floor-to-ceiling LCD screens corresponding to places he has under surveillance — one for various Nexus chatting points (divided up), one for various Gothams, etc. It can also mimic the "viewpoint" of the Gotham Clocktower or anywhere Tim can find camera feeds. Computer system can be activated by voice, to a limit, and is remotely keyed to a PDA-esque device he carries around.

Tim practices sousveillance; everything he does is recorded. This serves as part of his security system, and reflects his mindset from early days when he felt he couldn't trust himself. Most of his security aims at making sure the person who has arrived is Tim. When there are other people with Tim, he has to give a certain kind of password denoting the security level. There are three — trusted, neutral, and hostile.

His headquarters includes a lab area with automated testing equipment (as he doesn't have the training to perform many kinds of tests himself; he uses S.T.A.R. Labs when necessary). Two fridges, one is for specimens/samples, one is for food. MUST KEEP SEPARATE X_X. Lab area is adjacent to training area with mats, punching bag, wooden Chinese training dummy, weapons rack, and weights.

Sleeping arrangements consist of a screened-off alcove with a mattress, sleeping bag, and some blankets. There's a personal laptop, a chest of drawers for clothing (upon which he keeps the burnt yearbook and unlit white candle); basically, anything that isn't related to Work.

  • Status: In construction as of February 2008. He's still installing everything but the basic computer systems. Training, personal area, and bathroom facilities usable.

ARCH THREE (Green Room)

Where Tim keeps his personas straight, does business, and contacts people, so named because of the green screen where, once upon a time, his dinosaurs floated. This is also where he makes the moneys to buy the stuff he can't/won't steal. Because he can't transfer money between universes (unless those universes are connected to the Nexus, and he doesn't want to leave a trail in those), he has to invest heavily and quickly where he wants to purchase the desired items.

The room is divided up by persona. Each has its own green screen, wardrobe, day planner, etc. It's like walking backstage into a demented dressing room. They almost all have customized cellphones, all different brands, with address books full of real and fake numbers; fake ID, passports, birth certificates, social security. They're not ALL complete, but he's slowly building them up to a certain point. Then again, not all of them need to be so thorough. Some are just faces. There's no point in working hard to establish someone, only to have to throw away all your work because an identity is compromised or he doesn't have time to keep up the act.

  • Status: Incomplete as of February 2008, more or less on hold. There's just one greenscreen sitting around for general usage.


Leads to the abandoned desert Gotham, where he trains or goes to relax. This is his (psychologically healthier) replacement for the sensory deprivation tank. Basic surveillance at the entrance for security purposes, controls hidden behind rock; small hideaway hidden not too much further in with a cot and bare necessities, as well as an "emergency kit" — contains spare PINpoint, uniform, weapons, medical supplies, fake ID stuff. There are little pockets here and there sheltered from the wind. It would be easy to hang glide! As long as you have sunblock, because the atmosphere is getting thin (post-apocalyptic universe, natch). The moon looks tiny at night because it's moved further away with the passage of time. No humans (unknown if there are any left at all — Tim doesn't care and hasn't explored), everything is overgrown, still lots of litter.

  • Flora: n…othing? But those nooks and crannies shielded from the wind and sand might have some uh, moss or something. There's not a lot of water.
  • Fauna: teeny lizards, especially in the nice cool shadowy places of the wrecked buildings. Snakes, scorpions, occasional birds, small rodents.
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