Severus Snape

The personal canon for Severus Snape breaks from HP canon at the end of the sixth book.


Let me explain. No, there is to much, let me sum up. Some facts about Severus Snape:

Personal Professional
He was part of the original nexodus and has been about for over two years now. (FOGEY!) In a fit of civic-minded masochism, Snape has converted his home into a school
He is MARRIED to a brilliant red-haired witch who has nothing to do with Potters whatsoever. Despite being revealed and reviled as a double-agent, tortured, shot and burned out of house and home, he helped the Order achieve victory in his world. And then promptly left it, please and thank you.
He is one of very few men in the nexus who has proven staunchly immune to gayeons. He once fielded ALL TEN Doctors Who at once and managed to come out ahead. He thinks.
He lives in a very large, very old house which he transplanted from Wales. When threatened, he exercises Patience and Irony, up to and including creating improbable nexus children. (Especially when Balthazar is involved)
He has little patience for: stupidity, eldritch schenanigans, emotional crutches, small things that rely on being cute to survive, this bullshit, megalomaniacs, entitlement complexes, most people. He is known to have experimented with small telepathic slugs that go "poot".
He has a well-documented fondness for muffins. He is a licensed practitioner of Earth Logic.
And firewhiskey. Snape occasionally rides the house thestral, Murgatroyd, as well as his broom. Both are about the same level of uncomfortable.
And absinthe. He has great difficulty using high-tech equipment, including computers and even telephones.
Likes Doesn't Like
Nadezhda Jonathan Crane
Hippolyta Hollister Wade Wilson
Nathaniel Norman Osborn
Hermes Balthazar
Eiko Takashima Davey Jones
Isis Macrow Lamby
Courtney Crumrin Savannah Grey
Horatio Hornblower Jack Harkness
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