Lucian (sighthalfdark)

Lucian is a vampire hunter from Konami's Lunar Knights. He is half-vampire himself, but does not fall victim to the common weaknesses (sunlight, garlic, et cetera). He always carries with him the Dark Sword Vanargand, with which he cuts down the forces of darkness in order to destroy the vampires' hold on his world. As he is the eponymous lunar knight (in contrast to Aaron, the solar knight), he can draw his power from the moonlight, though he doesn't need it to fight effectively.

Always with him is the Dark Terennial Nero, who takes the form of a talking black cat with red wings. If Lucian gets emotional enough in battle, he can merge with Nero to unlock his full vampiric potential for a short amount of time. Nero will almost always carry conversations further than Lucian, but that's just because Lucian is naturally reticent. He works alone except when he works with Renaldo which is all the time and will make a point of saying that. His biggest annoyance right now is the fact that he has to work with the solar knight, whom he views as a child who will only get in his way.


  • He pilots a ship called the Laplace, with which he brings caskets of defeated vampires through space and up to the interstellar space station Sunflower. It is only the pure light of the sun that will fully destroy a vampire.
    • Lucian can always get in contact with Alice, the operator of the Sunflower, though she is much more likely to contact him.
  • Lucian's only weapon at present is the Dark Sword Vanargand, but he can also come across the Dark Lance Jormungand and the Dark Scythe Hel.
  • Though at the point in canon where Lucian comes from (just before entering the Old Culiacan Sewers) the Terennials Ursula, Tove, and Alexander (Flame, Earth, and Wind) are available, due to lack of source images and DS emulation being horrible, the mun has decided only to include Nero.
  • Don't ask about the eye-patch.
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