Michelle Carter

Michelle "Shel" A. Carter was born in Gotham City on December 29th, 2442, two minutes after her twin brother, Booster Gold. Like her brother, she time-traveled to the 21st century and spent some time as a superhero, in her case using the codename Goldstar with a suit that gave her magnetic powers. At least, that's the official word. Truthfully, she only stole the costume so she could go flying, but there's no reason to tell her brother that. Sadly, she's dead, and has been so for a number of years. (Although considering that both her brother and her father have recently picked up excessive time travel as a hobby, it may soon turn out that she was never actually dead in the first place.) The Shel currently residing in the Nexus is, in fact, a clone of the original, although she is not aware of this fact just yet, because she ran for it as soon as she was awoken, since she was cloned by the alternate dimension aliens that were mostly responsible for her death in the first place.

You see, Shel (the original, that is) was kidnapped by these aliens and hooked up to a machine that basically sucked her physiological info out of her, along with the mechanical workings of the Goldstar suit (don't look at me like that; this is canon), a process which damn near killed her, and probably would've done exactly that, had she not been rescued by Booster, or, more accurately, Booster's little robot buddy, Skeets, seeing as Booster himself was a bit busy with Saving the World from the aliens and that precise moment. She very nearly escaped, but died within feet of the exit, thanks to damage done to the structure by, ironically, her own twin brother. This is where canon Shel's story currently stops, and Nexus Shel's picks up.

The aliens of Dimension X, rather thoroughly miffed by their world domination plans being screwed over by Booster and knowing of Shel's demise and her relation to him, decide to clone Shel, using those physiological secrets that they previously got from her, and use said clone as a weapon against Booster. Because, of course, they're bastards like that. Of course, they weren't entirely sure how baseline humans actually worked, and the magnetic powers that were previously just part of the Goldstar suit are now inherent powers of Shel herself. The clone retains all of Shel's memories previous to getting hooked up to that machine, because this is comics and I can totally handwave that, yessirree, and she has reasonable facsimiles of what little bit there was after it, built off the security footage of what happened. As far as she's aware, she's the real deal, hence the part where she bolted after getting woken up.

After reaching the Nexus, Shel was reunited with her brother (well, technically not REunited, Shel being a clone 'n' all, but that's just semantics), and was fairly shocked to learn that she'd apparently been dead for years, plural. Not long thereafter, Shel managed to get incredibly lucky with a Nexus LOL and came into some fairly considerable wealth. (Specifically, she suddenly became the proud owner of 50,000 gp worth of fine jewelry.) She has presumably since acquired lodgings and is living fairly comfortably.

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