Thomas Evans

Thomas is fourteen years old and lives in a small American town near the mountains, the type most people pass through to get to more important places. He's very quiet, doesn't talk to the people from town, and has a tendency to skip school. He has issues with adults, who have always failed him in the past, and is unlikely to talk to most of them. He instantly dislikes anyone who tries to call him anything shorter than 'Thomas'.

Thomas' mother is a wishy-washy individual and former drug addict. She also suffers from depression, and as a result, does not get out of bed some days. Thomas doesn't know anything about his father, although there was a man who could have been him, but wasn't. As for extended family, he only knew of his grandmother, who lived in the city near the coastline.

Thomas sees things differently, and spents most of his time in books or outside. He sees the world in a certain light, and won't care to explain unless he likes the person he's talking to. He strikes most people as more than a little bit odd, and prefers it that way, but he's trying.

The Nexus is still dreamlike to him, despite all that's happened, and a dream it shall remain.

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