*SCIENCE* is different from science. This difference is usually indicated by the use of asterisks and a mid-sentence exclamation point, as such: *science!* This term originated with Hermes and his fascination with the topic (and Norman Osborn). *Science!* may be used to describe but is not limited to the following things:

  • an improbable, possibly silly futuristic invention
  • ridiculously talented individuals in the field of or a related field to science
  • the many wonderful things technology can do (i.e. whiten your teeth AND mow the lawn AND discipline the dog, etc.)
  • when science from the future accomplishes things widely believed impossible by les miserables stuck in the present, but the method can't/won't be explained to anybody's satisfaction
  • a Nexus invention that has obviously been created to cause trouble/can easily be abused, but has a flimsy veneer of legitimate use

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