Schuldig is a rather insane telepath, although he often uses mental shields for himself in the Nexus. In his home reality he's affiliated with a team named Schwarz. (Source media is the Weiß Kreuz animanga and CDs. He's past Glühen.) His home Schwarz is currently him and precognitive team leader Brad Crawford, although Schuldig is also friendly with the Nagi he's met in the Nexus. Having broken free from Eszett, Schu's Schwarz freelances in security, anti-espionage, and assassination, although Schuldig can be cagey about some of his jobs when speaking to Nexusites. German by birth, he currently lives and works in London, England.

Depending on his mood and whom he's talking to he can be sadistic to snarky to helpful and supportive to brainbreaking. He downplays his villainy and sadism because he comes to the Nexus for fun and wants to be able to talk to all kinds of people. (He works at home!) For fun he'll sometimes match angsty pasts with you. Bisexual, he'll flirt with anyone who interests him.

Often oddly dressed, occasionally as manic as a Chihuahua on crack (especially if he's on a sugar high), Schu is likely to hand out non-LOL'd sweets, booze, and psychotherapy to Nexusites. He loves certain kinds of kids and tends to act like Uncle Runs With Scissors around them. His tendency toward giving nicknames to people led to Alphonse Elric gaining the petname "Kitten Tits," although he'll also give German nicknames. He gets very possessive about people he considers His Own. If there's a pimp competition or a wet T-shirt contest in the Nexus, the odds are good that hedonistic Schu will be there.

Schuldig has his own Nexus living room with couches, coffee table, end tables, bottomless mini fridge, coat rack, and bamboo screen for a bit of privacy. Sometimes he sunbathes in the Nexus because England doesn't get enough sun, ya know?

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