Greg Sanders

Greg Sanders was a supporting character in the original Crime Scene Investigation series, which is set in Las Vegas. He has since joined the main cast, but the majority of pertinent information for this character stems from the earlier seasons when the show didn't suck (specifically, 1-4), which were being broadcasted when he was in play.

As the DNA specialist (and often the show's comedic relief), almost every single case would necessitate a visit to Greg's lab, where he would then subject the investigators to his eccentricity du jour instead of just handing over the information like a normal person. Infamous for his (dubious) taste in music, hairstyles, clothing, and romantic interests, Greg would also occasionally provide key bits of "alternative lifestyle" facts that put puzzling evidence in a new light — for example, in the episode Slaves of Las Vegas, he informed the bemused Nick of another use for liquid latex.

By season four, Greg had expressed his interest in becoming a CSI, and in season five, eventually reached that goal after many difficulties. Generally, this version of Greg is assumed to be anywhere in that nebulous period when he often acted as both lab tech and investigator at any given time.

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