Red_Stain_Robin aka 'Vampire Robin' aka 'Fangs' aka 'Creepy Leechy Robin' is one of the various Robins found on the Nexus. He's from an extremely AU version of the DCU, which is more gothic-horror then superhero in genre - and based loosely on the Blood Storm/Crimson Rain Elseworld series. He is considered to be Tim Drake under the mask, and not Dick Grayson. Due to his vampiric condition, whenever he appears in the Nexus, it's either at Night, or in shadows. Robin claims the reason he's in the Multiverse is to help to find a cure for his own world.

Aside from his vampirism, he is noted for his relatively formal language, and his very dry sense of humor in comparison to other Robins. (And unlike the other Robins, he can perfectly mimic an English Accent)

He's surprisingly easy-going for a Robin, especially a 'creepy one', quite a bit more tolerate of questionable behaviors, especially from Alternates of his Batfamily, and criminals that seem like they're trying to reform.

Despite his GREAT dislike of the nickname, 'Fangs' has stuck on in much the same fashion that Band-Aid sticks on people.

Notes of Fang's World

From what he had stated to various people in the Nexus, the following can be inferred:

  • Dick Grayson is NOT Nightwing, there is no Nightwing. there is however a Homicide Detective Dick Grayson working in Bludhaven. Fangs often refer to Dick as his brother, despite not being related by blood, or having been adopted by Bruce Wayne.
  • There is no Justice League, or Titans - at best Heroes occasionally met and help each other out. Thus, Vampire Robin is passingly familiar with the Beast Boy, and Impulse of his world, but are not as close to them as DCAU/DCU Robin is with his Titans
  • The US Government keeps a strong, almost paranoid eye on the heroes, and move rapidly to strike against signs of heroic dissent with their own squadron.
  • In addition to the typical loveliness of villains, the world has a major undead problem, what with the earth itself being tainted, the dead don't stay dead.
  • Kestrel is their world's Spoiler, and has never been Robin. During the period of time when canon Robin quit, Fangs didn't
  • Batman is still mortal.
  • He knows Slade as Deathstroke, but has never personally fought against him, but knew those who had.

Likes and Dislikes

Favorite Singer: Sting, Sade, and select hard rock

Favorite Book: The Hound of Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,

Favorite Blood type: …Irish

Favorite Animal: Foxes, or Javanese Tigers

Favorite Nexus LOL: Being given a part of wings

Least Favorite Nexus LOL: Being put into a Slashfic with Greed

Religion?: No please (Though his family were reformed Jews aka 'Blueberry Jews')

Skills, Vampiric Traits, etc.

Costume: A variation of the Pre-OYL Tim/DCAU Robin Costume, with a floor-length feather-edged cape (almost Gatchaman style), black long-sleeve shirt of durable materials, and thin black pants that cover leg armor - the difference is in the coloring. Robin's costume is all black, except for a blood-red Kevlar-armored vest he wears over it, and maroon underlining on his cape. His belt, however is still a yellow color.

Fangs' cape is designed to break off if it gets entangled, or grabbed, rather like a lizard's tail.

Eyesight: Excellent Night vision, with extremely high contrast - rather like someone had hit the area with floodlights.

His eyes are a pale blue color - almost dead white, and his pupils act much like a cat's would - contract in bright light, and expand in darkness to absorb what little light there is, thus explaining his superb dark vision. In his world, after changing - all vampires eyes do become quite washed out in color.

Scent: His scent is about as good as a bloodhound's. This extraordinary sense is also a drawback, as overtly unpleasant, or strong smells will repel him. Needless to say, he is not a fan of perfume or garlic.

Strength: Can carry Twice his body weight in his arms/over shoulder comfortably, lift three times his own body weight over his head, and push/drag five times his body weight

Reflexes: As a vampire, his reflexes are quite precise, almost to the point he could deflect projectiles with his weapons. This does not mean he's Super fast, he isn't - he's just unnaturally graceful.

Jump: He can't fly, but he can jump ten feet easily horizontally, and six feet vertically.

//Fighting Style:/ Wielding Batons in both hands, using Aikido moves primarily with the goal of knocking an opponent out quickly and painlessly as possible. There are a few influences of other fighting styles that were taught to him by Batman, Lady Shiva, and Dick Grayson - including Hapkido (traditional school), Baguazhang, and Capoeria. His techniques are fast-paced and primarily consistent of circular motions, joint locks, deflecting attacks, and is aimed to neutralize and to control the motions of the attackers.

What is in his belt on any given day:

  • Batarangs (Supply considered unlimited)
  • 20-30 marble sized capsules of knockout gas - 10ft radius of affect in normal conditions (light to no wind, open space)
  • Fingerprint Kit - basically, specialty tape, silver nitrate powder, soft natural hair brush.
  • hostlers for two 25-inch nightsticks
  • Grappling Hook/Gun with a 30 foot cable - ability to hold five hundred pounds without breaking.
  • A package of zip strips, and three handcuffs that come in average, small, and OMG!Bane-Sized
  • Ten quarter-inch wide listening/tracking bugs, and their receiver.
  • Full set of lock picks
  • Luminol and a small black light to reveal the presence of blood, and lasers
  • A hand mirror


  • Overtly strong smells (it's not just garlic),
  • Holy objects used/blessed by someone with real faith will burn and scar his skin - in the same manner, he can't enter a consecrated area at all, because of the fact he has drunk blood.
  • He falls comatose during the daylight hours, rendered helpless.
  • A stake through the heart will not kill him, but paralyze him, until such time when it's removed.
  • To kill fangs would require submerging him in Holy Water, decapitating him, burning him to ashes, or a combination of the the three if one is going for an overkill.

Player's Thoughts

"This Robin was an exploration of several things: DCU has gone over the 'what if Batman was a vampire?' question at least twice as far as I know. However, they never put Robin into the consideration, and Robin - or at least Timothy Drake is a character that has combination of the young person's hope of a better world and a jaded resignation that some things won't get better - someone who'll be more interesting as a Vampire then the already pragmatic Batman. Not only is he dealing with the idea of drinking blood to live, but he faces the fact he won't age, and that what it exactly means to his world view if he feels he needed to take that step, that is it okay to hope for things to get better, or should he just stick to just containing the problem?

Secondly, there is the question of how far would people go for their ideas and goals, while staying true to thine self. Can they sacrifice something as big as their humanity and stay true to their goals? Yes, he's a Vampire, but he's still Robin - He's been Robin longer then he has been a Vampire, so I do not think he would give up his morales so quickly. The Robin I play tries to downplay his vampirism, even joke about it - though he's aware he needs to hunt, and feed off blood almost every night, and that it isn't always easy to known when to stop.

He doesn't angst, or emo - good lord, a Vampire that does nothing but act emo will be a dead Vampire. And a Hedonistic vampire Robin? Out of the question!

I was pleasantly surprised how well everyone took to the character, I was expecting quite a bit of eye rolling and heckling, especially with my less then stellar entrance."

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