Raax (Pyritewing)

Raax is Arabelle's psychotic, enhanced clone.

Raax's initial creation is greatly shrouded in mystery, only that she appears to have had the minor defect of having blue eyes, and whomever created her didn't bother to recreate Arabelle's cybernetics.

Needless to say, upon meeting Ara, Raax declared Ara an imperfect, cybernetic being, and proceeded to attack her, and soon following, went on a crime spree, ruining Arabelle's name in a long and complicated process.

It was during this crime spree that Raax was found by Epsilon, and subsequently heavily cybernetically enhanced using the radioactive, and beneficial to mutants, Force Metal. This did not have beneficial effects to Raax's level of sanity.

As such, with Epsilon's rather loose hold on her leash, Raax continued to terrorize New York, and at Epsilon's allowing, kidnapped Arabelle's father, and proceeded to terrorize Arabelle's friends. Akahana in particular.

It was also, somewhere at this point, she gained control over Akahana's innocent clone, and tortured him in the process of "keeping" him. Later, Epsilon was defeated at the hands of Arabelle and one of Black Kaiser's robotic drones, severing what little hold he had over her in the process.

Without Epsilon to keep a hold on her, Raax continued to bother folks, focusing her attentions primarily on Akahana, until (Through Rylie), he managed to rescue his clone. This drove Raax to provoke him into a second fight, a fight which she quickly started to lose, due to being prepared after the first one ending in something of a draw. After incapacitating her, Akahana brought her to Arabelle to prevent himself from killing her.

However, this did not stop Ara from deciding Raax's final fate. She took Raax back to her Nexus hideout, and after a short conversation, ended her life. A fact that Arabelle greatly regrets having to do.

Is this truely the end of Raax? Hard to say. There's a certain little saying about phoenixes and death, the fact that they tend to be reborn from it at some point…

+Raax's abilities

Aside from being insane and holding no punches when it comes to doing what she wants, Raax has the unhindered by cybernetics abilities of Arabelle's mutation. This includes large wings, the full control of her areokinetic abilities, and the ability to produce fire with said areokinetics (Although doing so frequently is somewhat draining).

After Epsilon's enhancements, Raax became a cyborg, one with a force metal generator in her back, to generate large metallic, and lightweight, wings with razor bladed feathers. She could also use this ability to produce knives and swords, although they'd dissipate after a while. She could also produce feathers of unpowered force metal, which could slice through objects when launched, or explosive ones.

Due to these lighter weight wings, Raax was capable of outflying Arabelle on a straightaway, but lost the flexability, and thusly the maneuverability, in the trade.

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