The Prince Institute for Multiversal Education

Established in the large Welsh manor, Caer Gwynenid, the Prince Regional Institute for Multiversal Education (aka PrIME) is the ancestral home of the Prince family, empty these many decades until re-inhabited by Severus Snape and his better half, Nadezhda Serenskaya-Snape.

The building is surrounded by a large moat that connects to an ocean in the Nexus, the Estate has been renovated and reopened as a school. This is a place for the lost and curious children who have found themselves where all worlds meet; a resource for visitors of all ages who have come to the nexus and seek help in understanding it and finding a place in it, PrIME may be just the place to learn more about where they are and what they can look forward to; and for the teachers and staff, it is a place to share knowledge and build a community in the ever-chaotic environment of the nexus.

Like any wizarding house, the inside of the Estate does not always correspond to the outside in an understandable way, and it is full of secrets and strange magic, not the least of which is its 24-7 caretaker, the ghost of the daughter of its original builder, Madeline Prince.


Permanent residents marked (*)



  • Science!!! Mistress: Eiko Takashima
  • Master of Artifacts and Archaeology: Dr. Henry Indiana Jones Jr.
  • Time Master: The Doctors Who (yes all of them)
  • Ecology Master: Jedi Luke Skywalker
  • Art: Mr. Tetu
  • Photography: Gabriel Grey and Otto Chriek
  • Master of Martial Arts: Ryu Hoshi

Other Members of the Household

  • Nathaniel, member of the Snape household
  • Captain James Norrington, hapless lodger (currently abroad)
  • Paragon the liveship, hapless sentient boat (currently abroad)

Animals that also live here or on the grounds

  • Three cats: Arienrhod and Riddle (young ladies), and Amarillo (tufty old yellow fellow)
  • Two horse-like beings: Paladin (miniaturized white stallion), and Murgatroyd (thestral, intelligent)
  • 2d20 sheep at any given time, 1d10 cows, and toss some chickens in for flavor.

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