Mona Robsy

You'd have to look very carefully and very closely to figure out that Mona Lucille Robsy is a mutant. She's about as normal as any other twenty-eight year old woman can reasonably be termed such; her powers are the opposite of flashy. In fact, they are all about making things disappear.

She currently associates with a small group of college students who defer to a mentor, Jalal al-Kamil ibn Baal al-Habuub. At the moment, she is majoring in Culinary Arts; she played lacrosse last year, but decided it took up too much of her time.

the teleportation tango

Mona can teleport objects or people under the following conditions:

  • she can see them or approximate their location with her other senses
    • assuming she's familiar with the area being monitored, she can also operate over a live security feed
  • she can see, has been to, has seen, and/or is aware of the intended destination
    • anywhere she's visited personally (and any area she saw at the time)
    • anywhere within her direct line of sight
    • certain areas not in her direct line of sight, such as an empty box or behind a structure
  • with the understanding that the more objects/people she moves at once, in conjunction with proximity and distance/difficulty of location, the more difficult it is
  • with the understanding that telepaths or other teleporters may choose to allow her to move them/objects within their control, or prevent her from doing so
    • example: she can't teleport Nightcrawler anywhere unless he's unconscious or consents
    • example: she can't teleport Emma Frost or any object/person that Emma is controlling
  • when "objects" applies to things which may be separated from their environment both plausibly and conceptually (a tree or mailbox, yes; a mountain or building, no)

She cannot:

  • teleport herself anywhere (typically nothing happens; at worst, crazy shenanigans)
  • teleport people/objects at or to an unknown or telepathically/magically hidden location
  • teleport people/objects to other universes, dimensions, realms, or time periods (this may change)
  • "retrieve" people/objects that have been left behind unless she personally knows exactly where they are
  • teleport only portions of people/objects unless:
    • they have already been disassembled
    • she knows how to or can clearly see how to, and can disassemble them; for example, a lego structure, yes, a house of cards, yes, but a brick wall, unless it's severely crumbling, no
  • teleport people/objects to more than one destination at the same time
    • example: if she wants to put three fish and one shrimp in the blue box, but two shrimp and one fish in the red box, she will have to make two "grabs" in the pre-ordered arrangement — she can't grab all the shrimp at once and divide them between the boxes
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