Mervin Madrox (Pinball)

Part of the DC-Marvel amalgamation universe, Mervin Madrox is a young, good-natured speedster from the future. As it happens, physical impact (the absorption of kinetic energy) causes him to create duplicates of himself. "Pinball" was only appropriate as a codename for a Bart Allen (Impulse)/Madrox (Multiple Man) amalgamate character.


Like Impulse, Merv's speedster powers allow him to do such things as create whirlwinds, run on water, or vibrate through matter. The last, however, requires concentration that he too often forgoes, often resulting in duplicates. He also possesses an aura that prevents air friction while running. His memory is eidetic, but confused: when his dupes roam on their own, as he occasionally allows them to do, they sometimes go through unique learning experiences that Merv remembers after reabsorbing them. They are usually cooperative and seem to have more or less the same personality, but in time, they can develop individualized habits and/or mannerisms.

At the moment, he can only create about 30 dupes in all, and with each duplication, their top speed lowers. This dispersal effect can also apply to other things, such as poison or inebriation. Unless preoccupied or distracted, Merv can instantly reabsorb any dupe he makes (purposefully or accidentally). If he's injured and his dupe is healthy, absorption will cut the damage in half; if he's healthy and his dupe is injured, absorption won't physically damage him, but he'll feel the pain. His clothing (particularly his shoes) is shock-absorbent, designed to prevent dupes being made during everyday activity.


Merv lives in and operates out of Magnum's home city. He trains with his grandfather (also a speedster) to control his metabolism, which is the reason he was sent back from the future to begin with. A dozen or so super fast, hyperactive, rapidly growing kids are somewhat problematic to raise. He spent much of his development in virtual reality, and is technically only a few years old. Emotionally, he is about as mature as a teenager — it's the fact he has no conversational filters that makes him appear childish.

He works as a bagger at a grocery (training at not using his speed), stops the occasional crime, roams the world at large, pets kittens, and hangs out with fellow adolescent heroes. Merv is especially fond of M-boy, Ephyra, and Nightling.

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