Doctor Octopus (octopus-hubris)

octopus_hubris is one of several Doctor Octopuses who have appeared in the Nexus over the years. Though no longer posting on Sages of Chaos, he is a regular on Dear Multiverse and in the Sanctuary.


Name: Otto Gunther Octavius, "Doctor Octopus"
Fandom: Spider-man (Marvel Comics core universe, AKA "Earth 616")

D.O.B.: 06/08/45
Build: Stocky (approx. 190 lbs)
Height: 5'9"
Features: Brown hair, (greying around the edges) Brown eyes. Broken nose, scarring from various injuries.
Dress: Poor eyesight requires that he wear spectacles or corrective sunglasses. Prefers suits or stylish clothing fitting his age group. Generally wears an overcoat to conceal his robotic harness.
Accessories: Along with the harness, he typically carries a number of other useful and dangerous objects on him: Prescription sedatives and painkillers, taser, smoke bombs, flashlight, PINpoint, (modified) aglaophotis in liquid or pastille form, basic multitool, lockpick.


Born in 1945 in Schenectady, New York, Otto Octavius showed signs of his genius from a young age. His father, an immigrant labourer, moved the family to Queens in the early 1950s in search of work, inadvertantly separating his mother from her friends and family; the constant struggle to make ends meet, and the emotional co-dependance that developed between Otto and his mother, Mary, would have a lasting influence on his psyche.

Quiet and studious, Otto's shy behaviour separated him from his peers and made him an object of ridicule amongst his classmates. His father, an uneducated man with a notorious temper, took every opportunity to criticize the boy as well, while his mother's ceaseless praise instilled him with an ego that was matched only by his intelligence. After his father's death in a factory accident during his first year of college, he and his mother grew only closer; though Otto's studiousness had allowed him to win scholarships that would bring him through college and a double Doctorate study, he had no friends, and his only interest in other students was as a source of rivalry or derision.

Along with working as a researcher or engineer for numerous atomic power agencies in the eastern United States and Canada throughout the 1970's and 1980's, Doctor Octavius lectured at such notable schools as Penn. State and his Alma Mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. By the early '90s, however, his volatile temper had made him something of a black sheep in the Nuclear Sciences community, and he found himself working at the US Atomic Research Center on Long Island. There he met up with his cousin Elias Hargrove, a supervisor with an unfortunately shady past, and became romantically involved with Mary Alice Anders, a fellow researcher. Their relationship blossomed, only to be cut short at his mother's behest. Without the sympathetic Dr. Anders around, (she was dismissed from the facility just days after Otto broke off their engagement) Octavius became increasingly belligerent and impossible to control. A robotic harness, the result of many years' private research and his own personal funding, allowed him to conduct research without the need for assistants and earned him the moniker 'Doctor Octopus' among his co-workers.

When his mother died suddenly, Otto spiralled into a black depression and ceased interacting with the other researchers at the Atomic Research Center altogether, and three weeks after Mary Octavius' death, a freak accident nearly claimed the life of her son. Disoriented, wracked with paranoid fear and inexplicably fused to the robotic arms he had built, Otto discovered that he had developed a psychic control over his harness, and, determined to continue his work outside the bounds of societal norms, he reinvented himself as a career super-criminal.


Years of life as a criminal mastermind have hardened Doc Ock's heart to most acts of violence or cruelty. Though not a sociopath or DID-sufferer, he operates by disassociating himself from the people he is interacting with, and the distance he puts between himself and the rest of the world has created a dichotomy in him over time; he has a hard time feeling close to others and is easily aggrivated by open or outrageous behaviour, yet he feels overwhelmed by loneliness and the need to connect with someone. When helping or cooperating with others in the Nexus, where his strangeness and criminal nature do not benefit or hinder him, Otto is stoic and driven by the need to set things right… whether or not his version of reality meshes with that of those around him. Arrogant and melancholic by nature, he is often accused of being humourless or "frumpy", and has a hard time understanding others and having his own feelings understood.

The humanitarian sentiments he often preaches are in stark contrast to his own violent past, bringing some to (rightfully) consider him a hypocrite; to simultaneously adore and despise humanity is yet another symptom of his dualistic nature. He finds himself more troubled by the self-conscious need to feel guilt over past deeds than the deeds themselves, and strives to move beyond his past, doing good in the present rather than trying to shackle himself with the need to atone for his sins.

Special Powers and Skills


Doctor Octopus' gimmick of choice is a robotic harness worn on the body, which allows him to control four powerful, telescoping robotic arms. Each arm is fitted with a set of actuators at its head, for delicately manipulating small objects or restraining a victim with superhuman force. Along with a direct psychic link to the arms, (which allows him to control them even when they are separated) an artificial intelligence in the harness' computer translates his somatic impulses into physical reaction, allowing him to control the arms with seemingly superhuman reflexes, deflecting bullets and striking super-fast enemies. A small thermoelectric generator, powered by the isotope U239, provides energy to the harness.
Ock has rebuilt and upgraded his tentacles over the years, modifying them for different situations and improving his control over them. In their current incarnation, the arms possess the following attributes:

  • The upper two heads contain dextrous 'finger' actuators and video lenses which feed directly into the operator's mind, while the lower two heads contain large, talon-like actuators made specifically for fighting.
  • The arms are capable of extending from a 'ready' position at a speed of 90 ft/s.
  • Each arm is 24 feet in length at max. extension.
  • Each arm is capable of lifting up to 8 tons, provided it has another arm to brace with.
  • Constructed of a steel/titanium/adamantium alloy, the arms are ferrous, but highly resistant to heat or physical damage.
  • The arms are capable of performing autonomously in response to certain situations, if they have been pre-programmed to do so.


Being a bonifide genius and supervillain, Doctor Octopus' technopathic skills are multifold. He is a nuclear physicist and engineer, and he has devoted much effort into the study of prosthetics, computer programming and robotics in general. He is capable of advanced chemical study and analysis, given the proper resources, and can perform basic medical tasks in the absence of a real physician.

Because of a rash of PINpoint-assisted kidnappings, Ock has done extensive research into the programming and tracking of PINpoint units, and is capable, (with mun fiat) of the following methods of PINpoint wizardry:

  • Transmitting a signal override to nearby PINpoints which will cause them to access a specific coordinate when used.
  • Identify the ID number of a nearby PINpoint unit.
  • Identify the coordinates accessed by a PINpoint through the trace it has left in an area. This trace lasts only a day or two at most, however.


As a result of his death, and compounded by incidents in the Nexus, Doctor Octopus has developed a sensitivity to strong psychic phenomena, eldritch or faery magic. While weak malevolent auras or any psychic intrusion will cause him to experience mild formication or a sense of unease, powerful attacks and projections may injure him severely, and even the presence of fae creatures causes him to feel 'off'.

Confrontations with various magical things and people in the Nexus have forced Otto to become an amateur scholar of the occult; though magic is far from his specialty and he has no real gift for it, he is capable of performing the most basic forms of Hermetic and Folk magic, such as the creation of a magical circle or a ritual prayer, provided that he is able to muster his own faith for the act. He is also knowledgable in some aspects of the study of Eldritch Things, and he knows how to create a grammaton for the channeling of an outer god's power, though this is something that he will not do unless it is absolutely necessary.

In his studies, Otto has learned the preparation method required for a substance known as aglaophotis. It is a red liquid, which can be formed into a pastille or poultice. In lore, aglaophotis was used by the Magi to summon and dispel demons; in a most basic sense, it is a spirit-repelling potion that will burn or drive away creatures that are more supernatural than physical in nature. The following details about aglaophotis should be kept in mind:

  • Spirits, genii, ghosts, Eldritch beings, fae, and other creatures of this kind will be burned as if by acid and, (in the case of a possession or a nonphysical spirit) forced away from the physical plane, if struck by aglaophotis.
  • The substance is extremely powerful, but the most powerful beings, (Great Old Ones, for example) would only be mildly injured by it.
  • Not all supernatural creatures are burned or driven away by it. Lycans, generic monsters, the weak undead, and any creature that cannot be classified as true Eldritch or Otherworldly will not be affected.
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