Name: Hawkins

Character Type: Hawkins is an OC creation, and his make-up might resemble certain creature types, but I wasn't directly inspired by any one thing. He mostly appears to be a healthy-looking zombie, but closer inspection (and if you just ask him, depending on his mood) will tell differently.

Age: Unknown. His physical age is 12, although he currently is in the form of a cat.

Description: Hawkins appears to be a boy of Sudanese descent, hair cut close and his skin very dark in color. His teeth are very white and very sharp, evident by how much he grins. He wears loose, normal-looking clothing, usually covering his arms and legs, and sandals. There is always the smell of rotting meat that hangs around him, sometimes strong, sometimes faint. He also wears his prized bucket hat everywhere, once white in color, now a bit dirty and tattered.

Physical Abilities: Hawkins is faster and stronger than most grown men, increasing with how much he has eaten. He is, however, on the lower end of the speed and strength spectrum when it comes to most Nexus inhabitants, and relies on surprise and trickery to fight. He uses small, simplistic daggers to slow down or kill his victims quickly.
He refers to his physical form as 'the body': he does not know or care who it used to be. It only matters that it is his prison and protection, a tool to be used. He feels no pain, but injury to the body will slow him down. As it is made of flesh, it is easy to wound and cut off limbs, although he has the ability to heal it back over time. Cutting him open will reveal blackened and rotting flesh; not a pretty picture.
Hawkins needs to eat the flesh of humans in order to keep his body fresh and functional, and he finds it disgusting if it starts to rot on the outside. As a result, he is almost always hungry, and the less food he gets, the more he smells, and the more obvious it is that he is not among the living.

Magic: Hawkins has the potential to use very powerful magic, but he often has to concentrate most of his abilities toward maintaining the body. His daggers are formed from his teeth, which he can regenerate, and he can also regenerate any lost flesh if so needed. He often can tell when someone isn't completely human, but he won't bother to find out what they are unless he considers them a threat. Usually, his magical abilities are minimal.
Attempts to read his mind usually end in failure, because his mind is very unhuman and hard to penetrate. He can defend himself against minor spells, but will quickly flee if he is outmatched.

History: Hawkins originated in a world where magic created creatures like himself naturally, but was little understood by the human population. One such human, a British man only known as Hawkins, attempted to harness this magic by studying the ancients who had once mastered it. Eqyptian cats were said to have once been the gateway to this power, and he attempted to fuse the body of a murdered boy with the spirit of the mummified cat. It worked, but the spirit was enraged at being imprisoned, killed the man, and took his name.
Over time he found himself allied with a group of misfits, attached in particular to a girl who changed her hair color daily by magic, but in a fit of insanity brought on by hunger, he killed and ate them. This further unhinged his mind, leaving him to wander alone until he managed to use the dreams of a lonely boy named Thomas (shatteredbubble) to gain access to the Nexus. Now that he's here, he's just looking for some fun and a bite to eat.

Personality: Hawkins is very much crazy. He is very unstable in his moods, especially when hungry, and will do and say things that can be used against him. When saner, he enjoys creeping people out and chatting, although the alterior motive of finding food is always on his mind.
Hawkins remembers very little, if anything, about what he once was and will often make things up about it. He has many personality quirks, some picked up by his creator, some just odd. He'll sometimes speak with a fake-y British accent, or keep spiders in his pocket to throw at people. He'll almost always ask if he can eat someone, although he'll still try if the answer is no. He considers it polite to kill someone before eating them, and he tends to be attracted to people with oddly-colored hair. He'll usually spare them, if possible.
Hawkins doesn't believe in friendship, is gets creeped out himself if people are overtly friendly to him. He'll be friendly to fellow undead types, but he'll never trust anyone completely. He altogether avoids people who could pose a danger to him. He doesn't think it's possible to kill him, but he won't take the risk.

Victims: Hawkins is not a fighting type, and usually will prey on the depressed and the suicidal. He prefers victims who won't or can't fight back. If necessary, he'll raid graves for his food, but he prefers fresh meat. He will try to eat someone if given a good chance, but if he's outmatched, he'll quickly run away.

Other than that, he's harmless.

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