Kino Makoto (Notinuniform)

Kino Makoto comes from a version of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon that split off from canon before she even appeared, and has since become one of the most brutal versions of it to exist in the known multiverse.

Makoto, due to the events she's suffered, has become a much angrier person than anyone seemed to expect, often frightening potential friends and allies off with her extreme ideas on what consists of a just punishment. She has almost no real friends, though she'll offer a helping hand to most anyone who needs it. Events have just made it had for her to desire any friends, because of whoever might target them, but this doesn't prevent her from doing what feels right.

Makoto is several inches taller than most other versions of herself, almost reaching six feet in height, and more obviously muscular than any of the other versions. Her style of dress is more conservative than it used to be, now serving the purpose of covering her many scars, such as the massive burn scars that cover most of her back, caused during the battle with the Dark Kingdom's general, Jadeite. Accompanying it are many claw marks, bites, and burns from her months of fighting the youma alone in Osaka. She's always been a much more physical fighter than any of the others, and it tells when one gets a chance to actually look at her.

As Sailor Jupiter, she's harsher than normal, more emotionally distant from anything except perhaps the anger she freely throws out at anyone she deems evil, or anything she deems unjust. She isn't purposefully dimming things, the form of Jupiter just keeps her from feeling emotions as clearly and as freely as she would otherwise.

Makoto, having lost her parents in a plane crash at a young age, is still cripplingly terrified of air planes, hiding at the merest hint of their presence. Her other great fear is one that's been realized before, the death of her lover, Mizuno Ami. She would die to prevent harm to the other girl, and has done so. It hurts that she can't protect Ami as well as she'd like, but she refuses to admt it to herelf, dodging the idea whenever she can. She still loves Ami, as the only constant in her life, the only person who's gone through the same things she has, for the same reasons. It's fucked up, but Ami's all she feels she has left sometimes.

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