Ijuuin Enzan


Ijuuin Enzan is not your normal kid. He grew up in a technological world, where everything circles around the internet and life is simply impossible without a personal AI called a Net Navi (Network Navigator). It's a world where net terror is the prevailing form of violence, games are played with the artificial lives of the Net Navis, and children will one day be expected to save the world for adults.

At age six, Enzan lost his mother to cancer, and his childhood ended. His father trained him from then on to be the heir to IPC (Ijuuin PET Company), the leading manufacturer of the PET device required for every day living. His only companion was his net navi Blues.exe. At eight, his father made him treat Blues like a thing, not a person, and at eleven, Enzan became the vice president of the company.

Nexus Canon:

Once known as the prodigy net battler, Enzan's first exposure to the Nexus cut him off from everything; his home, his reputation, and Blues. He discovered that his navi had been infected with a Dark Chip, his alternates were either heroes or insane, and that acting like an adult did not make him one.

Soon he was reunited with his navi, now called Dark Blues and referred to as his brother, and remained in the new world, Reality Vanish, that he had ended up in. Eventually his father showed up, and far longer after that, the three of them became a family. Enzan gained a new navi, now known as Vesper, only to lose him after a traumatic encounter with a twisted alternate shattered the trust and the relationship between them.

His confidence shattered and on the verge of a breakdown, Enzan did the only thing he could think of, thanks to the Nexus. He approached the second Batman and asked him for help. Batman made him his Robin.

Life's never been the same since.

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