Jean-Paul is a 21-year-old mutant with one eye, one hand, no legs, and no goats (??????) from Montreal, Quebec, a fact that he never lets anyone forget, no matter how badly they want to. A Nexus veteran of nearly 3 years, he is by now extremely crotchety and enjoys telling newbies to get off his lawn.

Jean-Paul is disagreeable, violent, and offensive on purpose, frequently attacking people for no reason at all, for the lulz. If approached by an aggressive Jean-Paul, the best maneuver is to take off one's pants, say something amusing, or dive behind a couch for protection. He is fucking crazy and will cut off your toes. Jean-Pauls are known for their keen senses of gay, and can seek out and destroy any vestige of heterosexuality left in most males in a 100-foot radius.


- 5' 11", 120 pounds, skeletally thin
- White hair
- One blue eye; the left is missing
- Generally punky attire
- Tattoos up and down his arms; at this point he has full sleeves
- Several facial piercings, he's most well-known for the lip ring

Fictional Character Biography

Born in Montreal, Quebec on July 1st, 1986, Jean-Paul and his twin Jeanne-Marie were a little premature but otherwise totally expected. They were ignored growing up by their wealthy parents, causing the twins to both go a little crazy. Jeanne-Marie became destructive and delusional, while Jean-Paul got embroiled in drugs and sex at a very young age. By sixteen he was a meth addict, which ended when he was sent to rehab. He was thrown off his high school track team for steroid usage, though it was really just a sign of his mutant powers manifesting. He was later cornered and shot by a mutant serial killer named Mr. Sinister. He survived, was thrown out of his parents' house for being a mutant, and started hustling to support himself. Still struggling with an on-again, off-again drug habit, he lives in an apartment in Beijing with his seven-month-old niece and still manages to find time to crush the dominant paradigm and hang out with his boyfriends. Aw.


1. Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
2. Ted Leo/Pharmacists - Me and Mia
3. !!! - Pardon My Freedom
4. The Faint - Take Me To the Hospital
5. Malajube - Montreal -40C


Canon Northstar is possibly even MORE crotchety. Scientists have recently discovered that the stick up his ass can be seen from space, and millions have died trying to excavate it. His username makes him sound like a stripper, which is lolsy.

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