Kit Sankt

Kit Sankt is an OC mutant. She is 18 years old, German-Polish, and an alternate of Elliot Zielinski. Her parents have spoken infrequently to her over the past four years and so they remain distant if not on completely unfriendly terms. Her older brother, who is not a mutant, worked as a speech therapist. He is deceased.

She attended Xavier's School for the Gifted for four years following the manifestation of her mutations, but upon turning 18, set out on her own rather than join the X-men or the Brotherhood. As her mutation is pretty much the lamest thing ever, neither group is suffering from rejection (though the Brotherhood might be a trifle rueful about that now). At the moment, she has gathered a small group of both flat-lines, mutants and weres into something less like a family and more like a business. Her dealings with these people are not always about how much damange they can do or money they can bring in, however, as she does (reluctantly) have a fondness for some of the following:

  • Dante Delacroix, her bodyguard and muscle.
  • Greed, the brawn behind most of her money-making and someone she'll back.

She is still on the look-out for someone who can fill the role of 'man-whore' though they should not be either a whore or a man, if at all possible.

At First Glance

While of average height and build for a 18 year old female, Kit's stance on life as well as the bright hair and clothing, mixed with her sometimes blunt ruthlessness can lead people to believe she is as young as 14 or as old as 22 depending on the situation. Her features are a little soft, round and have not lost the baby-fat. Nothing about her fades into the background (in a normal setting) as she dyes her hair bright colors and wears strangely colored contacts over her brown eyes. Her voice tends towards low and monotone, forgettable. Everything about her look is generic and hard to describe at a later date. She tends to smell of lemons, coffee, sawdust or old sweat and blood. This varies widely, as do other features of her attire. She is also restless and tends to survey the area she is in incessantly, if casually, unless otherwise engaged.


When her mutation manifested, the resulting exposure to noise affected Kit to the point where she spent most of her days in a sort of catatonic fugue, doggedly pretending she didn't exist and that others most certainly didn't. This naturally makes for fertile ground when it comes to social interaction and mental stability! She spent less than a year in varying degrees of this condition before a telepath passing through the neighborhood figured out what was going on. Arrangements were made for her to attend Xavier's School for the Gifted, where she was pushed into an even deeper catatonic state by the Professor until such time as they could offer her the earphones that block, filter, and control noise input.

  • Enhanced Hearing: It's virtually impossible to sneak up on Kit. On the other hand, it's ridiculously easy to disarm her by screaming (though doing so tends to leaver her in such a vibrating and pissy state that she might well kill whoever did so if given enough time to recover). Her range depends on many environmental acoustic factors, but she can hear most bodily processes, conversations taking place in the same or adjacent room, emotional shades in a person's voice, and any movements near her no matter how minute. She uses the modified pair of earphones (There were once three but one was frozen and the other she took apart for spare parts in order to keep her favorite pair functioning) to block out and filter the majority of the noise she picks up throughout the day.
  • Emotional Control: : This skill relies heavily on making and maintaining eye contact, during which time Kit attempts to manipulate the target's emotions. Because she lacks empathy at an alarmingly basic level, she cannot make much use of this power. Currently she's best at inducing feelings of vauge unease or agitatment, and may be able to put weak-willed or surprised targets to sleep. She rarely uses this due to its inefficiency, and for the most part doesn't even bother to inform people of the existance of this ability. Another little known fact is that Kit can actually use this power on herself, using a mirror — but it's doubtful she'll ever do it again.

Other Skills/Abilities

Most of these claims are unsubstantiated. Kit was never an X-man, and considering her personality, never mind her lame powers, it's doubtful she would have ever been one short of an extremely improbable apocalypse during which all the useful mutants are killed. But if Kit is making money off of them as she occasionally vaguely implies, she can be assumed to be moderately proficient with at least some of them.

  • Cryptology — unsubstantiated
  • ASL (American Sign Language) — demonstrated
  • Reading lips — demonstrated
  • Infiltration — implied
  • Some computer knowledge — implied
  • Finishing the crossword puzzle first, always, somehow, even though she never gets up early in the morning and you didn't go to sleep — demonstrated
  • Street Fighting — assumed, undemonstrated
  • Owner of a mind so fucking weirdscary that some telepaths may hesitate before delving — hypothetical


From what can be seen or heard, Kit runs one of several types of underground/illegal operations. The first, and her most popular and well-known, are the fights she holds, manages and does the bookie-ing for. She pits both humans and meta-humans up in these fights though they do have their own catagories and rarely fight together.

Drug running and a kind of jack-of-all-trades courier/supplier service was hinted at but that seems to have evolved into something almost mob-like.

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