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Eh, What's This, Then?

What happens to ''Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon'' canon when the characters stumble unwittingly onto the the Nexus shortly after the events of BSSM season 1, episode 2 - or thereabouts - and have their worldviews influenced by people like L-sama and Rorschach. And also a lot of things - a ''great many things'' - go horribly, horribly awry, both IC and OOC.

What you have when the muns try to make sense of it all is so irredeemably screwy that when the term "fuckcanon" was introduced in an AIM conversation to describe the universe, it stuck.

The Fuckcanon is, compared to the ''Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon'' canon and magical girl shows in general, incredibly brutal. The muns try not to think about how many scars their pups have accumulated by now.

The Fuckcanon has a surprising number of fans in the Nexus, as baffling as that may seem. It's actually kind of amazing it took this long to make an entry about it.

A Brief Timeline

June 24th, 1992- Minako Aino begins the war with the Dark Kingdom anew as the pretty suited Senshi of Love, Sailor V.
May 15th, 1992- Tsukino Usagi discovers the Nexus.
May 16th, 1992- Usagi has a conversation with the Goddess of Chaos, L-Sama, who reveals the identities of all of the Senshi to the girl.
May 18th, 1992- Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon for the first time Mizuno Ami discovers the Nexus, later that day, and Sailor Moon revealed to her that she’s Sailor Mercury.
May 29th, 1992- Sailor Moon recruits a small team of heroes from the Nexus to battle a mass attack from the Dark Kingdom.
May 30th, 1992- L-Sama gives Usagi the /location/ of all of the Senshi. Ail and Ann also appear in the Nexus.
June 1st, 1992- General Jadeite appears in the Nexus. Kino Makoto appeared in the Nexus, and receives her henshin pen from Ami. She’s closely followed by Aino Minako
June 2nd, 1992- Kino Makoto becomes Sailor Jupiter.
June 8th, 1992- Sailor Saturn, from Crystal Tokyo, appears in the Nexus.
June 9th, 1992- Sailor Moon heals the Makaiju, and Ail and Ann set up a new home on Patchwork Earth.
June 23rd, 1992- Jadeite storms Tokyo in a mass assault designed to give him the chance to look like a hero and the Senshi to look like villains. The plan was a miserable failure, and the combined forces of Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and several citizens of the Nexus beat him back, even with minimal support from General Kunzite. Jadeite, stripped of his powers, lost himself in the Senshi’s world, never appearing since then.
June 24th, 1992- Hino Rei arrives in the Nexus. Makoto introduces her to the world of the Senshi as Sailor Mars.
July 1st, 1992- Rei quits being a Sailor Senshi, worried about her grandfather. This leads into Usagi quitting as well, afraid for her own family.
August 2nd, 1992- Sailor Jupiter begins stalking the night for human criminals. She starts off low, mainly giving muggers and jewel thieves some bruises that they’ll remember.
August 17th, 1992- Minako, comforted in the fact that Makoto has taken her place as the protector of the city, sees no more need for Sailor V or Sailor Venus to exist. She quits being a Senshi to spend more time with her family.
October 5th, 1992- Makoto, tired of fighting the Dark Kingdom, moves to Osaka, intending to abandon her destiny like the others.
October 10th, 1992- The Dark Kingdom attacks Osaka. Sailor Jupiter reappears to save the tenants of a burning apartment building. Over the next several weeks, reports of monsters and the Senshi rise as Sailor Jupiter drops any pretense of this being a secret war.
March 10th, 1993- Sailor Jupiter gains the Silence Glaive, a gift from a Sailor Saturn from another universe, living in Crystal Tokyo.
March 29th, 1993- Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter stage a stealthy assault on the Dark Kingdom, hoping to return the energy stolen from the earth’s people, and cripple the army for a while. Their plan goes horribly wrong, and the pair are warped into Dark Senshi for the Dark Kingdom, Lieutenant Nabu and Lieutenant Marduk.
April 11th, 1993- A Sailor Venus from another universe is challenged by Marduk to a battle, and wipes the floor with the partners. She nearly cuts Marduk in half with her Moon Sword.
April 17th, 1993- Marduk and Nabu assassinate General Nephrite as he drives through the streets of Tokyo. They are swiftly promoted to the rank of General afterwards, and redouble their insanely successfully efforts to revive Queen Metallia through the energy of Tokyo’s people.
June 20th, 1993- The being known only as Mecury shatters the hold Metallia has on Sailor Mercury. It proceeds to beat Marduk until Makoto awakes. Ami recovers control of herself, and the pair cut a bloody swath through the Dark Kingdom, collapsing D-Point on their way out. They spend the next few weeks recovering.
July 2nd, 1993- Sailor Mars, guilty over the possibility of Mercury and Jupiter’s death because of her refusal to do her duty, rejoins the Senshi after discovering they still live.
September 29th, 1993- Sailor Venus rejoins the Senshi.
October 21st, 1993- Sailor Moon rejoins the Senshi.
October 27th, 1993- The Dark Kingdom makes a final, desperate assault on Tokyo, the first in months, and destroys the Tokyo Tower. Through a long, bloody fight against the Generals, Princess Serenity awakens and wipes out the army, banishing the power of Darkness in Tokyo once and for all.
December 3rd, 1993- The mad alien Fiore attacks Earth, searching for the boy he met years ago. The Senshi follow him to his asteroids in space, and kill the being as he pushes the space rocks toward Earth. Jupiter forces the other Senshi to leave, then apparently sacrifices her life to destroy the asteroids.
July 18th, 1994- Ami dreams of Makoto, blending memories with that of the Silver Millennium, and accidentally makes a telepathic connection with her lover.
July 29th, 1994- Ami and Rei work together to prove Makoto still lives, somewhere in orbit around Jupiter, through a shared fire vision.
August 4th, 1994- The Senshi move out, traveling to bring Makoto home, stopping at the Moon Palace to borrow an old star ship.
August 8th, 1994- Kino Makoto is returned to Earth.
September 25th, 1994- Sailor Jupiter reveals the fact that she still lives to the public at large during a hostage situation. She sends two of the criminals into a coma, and hospitalized thirteen others.
October 4th, 1994- Minako, hoping to repair the damage between the Senshi and the police force, becomes Sailor V again, and begins to work on a new police program with the Superintendent to bolster the police force so that the Senshi no longer have to battle against normal criminals.

What's Happening Now

After the return of Minako and Usagi, the Dark Kingdom launched a final, failed assault on Tokyo that ended in the complete destruction of their forces. There were no fatalities amongst the Senshi, and for once, they came out mostly whole, thanks to the power of the Ginzuishou.

Months later, Sailor Jupiter seemingly died defending the world against the mad alien Fiore's plan to destroy the Earth with a satellite. Her Silence Glaive was lost somewhere in the ocean, and she vanished. Nearly a year later, Ami Mizuno discovered that she could still be alive, and verified this with the help of a vision from Rei.

Finally, things appear to be getting better for the Senshi.

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