Nexus LOL

Nexus LOL is a phrase used to explain away any sort of weird encounter or situation, particularly after a long chain of bewildering events that sap one's ability to sustain a heightened state of confusion. Some examples of usage:

  • Another alternate of you just showed up? Nexus, LOL.
  • Two people who should never have met have suddenly become BFF? Nexus, LOL.
  • You've been flung into a hell dimension from which there is no escape? Nexus, LOL.
  • Feargassed again? Nexus, LOL.
  • Suddenly gay? Nexus, LOL.

More particular interwebs acronym afficionados will note that Nexus LOL once referred not to any sort of weird encounter or situation, but to particularly bizarre ones that border on mindscarring. Arguably, however, these incidences are now so commonplace as to be indiscernible from the rest.

"When I was your age, we didn't get to spend two weeks trapped in the body of our genderswapped, de-aged, pokemon theme-powered archenemies before our fifteenth birthday! We made do with a love spell and an alignment shift — if we were lucky! — and we damn well enjoyed it! Uphill both ways!"

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