Nexus Logic

Nexus logic is the string of exceptions to the principles known as earth logic, which are found in the Nexus.

They are often greeted with a weary cry of Nexus LOL and include such absurdities as:

  • THIS time (not the first fifteen times, but THIS time!) it's TRUE LOVE!
  • Gender is debatable.
  • Birth control has a failure rate of 99%.
  • Pregnancies never take nine months: they go from discovery of the fact to birth in under one-tenth that time.
  • Gender is especially debatable in matters of pregnancy.
  • No matter how peculiar your backstory, it is rude of anyone to find it worth snickering at.
  • Love or a cup of tea will cure all ills.
  • Deadpool is a ladymagnet.
  • Everyone will, with enough exposure, be gay for Jean-Paul.
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