Nexus Clinics

The Nexus Clinics are comprised of several independent medical/healing practitioners who utilize a common space and have access to supplies, medication, equipment, and a database of patients. Doctors, surgeons, healers, psychiatrists, and other assorted healthcare professionals are available for appointments or, depending on their posted schedule, walk-in examinations. There is no single authority that runs or oversees all the clinics. Patients and doctors alike are responsible for their actions in the Clinics: everything is monitored and recorded by Liv, the AI receptionist, and footage may be reviewed by request (doctor, patient, or listed contacts only).


Anyone who seeks treatment at the Clinics should make an entry in the medical database. Any character seeking to become personnel should simply indicate so in their personal entry, using the subject line. The database is not open to the public, although friends and family may persuade Liv to allow access to a patient's file. Personnel, however, can freely peruse.

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