John Harvey

A captain in the Halo universe's UNSC, John Harvey is 44 years old and has been in the service since he was 19. He is currently in command of the cruiser Waiting Fortune, part of an evacuation effort.
Well, that's what his official record says anyway. The second sentence is true, but the first is mostly lies. And his record especially doesn't mention that he also goes by the name John-117 anywhere that people can see.

A totally Nexus-warped alternate of the Master Chief, Harvey (the surname is typically used in posts to differentiate him from his canon counterpart) is the last remaining member of the original Spartan-II project in his world. This is to say, a supersoldier trained from the age of six and physically augmented to beyond the human norm. Until he was sixteen, his life largely matched that of the normal Chief, bar the fact that he stumbled into the Nexus shortly before receiving his armour. There, he made friends with other Spartans and other people in general, learned about what he'd become in the future, and had a good time if we ignore the LOLs.

Then… things happened.
His adopted homeworld, the military base planet of Reach, was unexpectedly assaulted by the alien Covenant. The official explanation was 'Slipspace rupture' - meaning that the authorities had no idea how they'd managed it. John (no surname back then) was one of few survivors, due to the fact he managed to escape to the Nexus when there was no way out. The attack had a damaging effect on his psyche, leaving him unable to speak normally and suffering from flashbacks and other side-effects. It was decided that he would no longer be suited for front-line combat, and was relegated to behind-the-scenes work with a modified Spartan program, selecting them and helping to train and deploy them. The UNSC didn't want to waste a resource they'd spent so much time on. To allow him to carry out his duties, he was given a commission and a surname, and any indication that John-117 had survived was purged from most records.

Things went on. The newly-dubbed Harvey wandered away from the Nexus, to concentrate on his new life; he threw himself in head-first, learning everything necessary, even down to how to speak again. The flashbacks faded.
And in 2551, as a competent and seasoned commander knowing more about the Spartan program in his world than anyone else, he found his way back, meeting up with old friends for the first time in a long time (including a version of his best friend Kelly, who died in his world, and of someone he knew otherwise as Spartan Foxtrot-012 - York to anyone else). His world's now near the point at which any other's would have seen Reach destroyed, and the whole, y'know, Halo thing would have occurred. Recently, moving towards that, he's received a promotion and a command of a ship - the evacuation mentioned earlier? Kid Spartan trainees, and everyone relating to the program. The normal troops under his command don't quite know what to make of him…

While he's overall a good guy, Harvey has a rather large blind spot about the whole deal with kidnapping kids to train them as soldiers being, you know, possibly wrong. After all, he came through it okay, and they're doing okay… right? He also has a very low tolerance for anyone interfering with any forms of authority, and won't hesitate to come down on them. (Ironically, with this trait present, he's recently signed up with the Nexus Avengers as an auxiliary.) He also dislikes fire intensely, hates not being understood or being alone, and tends to rely a little more on stimulants than he should following a few incidents of Silent Hill Fog based nightmares.
He's reliable as anything, though; smart, strong and generally competent. And just as damn lucky sometimes as his counterpart. The enhancements he's been through have resulted in him having crazy reflexes and strength, and pinpoint vision.

Harvey stands a little short of seven foot tall without his armour on, and he's rarely seen wearing it due to his duties, usually wearing everyday uniform instead. He's pale, but not as much so as many Spartans (especially his counterpart), with hair cut short and face clean shaven; there are a few scars and freckles there to anyone looking closely enough. When he is seen in armour, it's the CQB variant of the usual setup, which basically adds up to different details on the helmet and shoulders.

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