Quinten Brandt

Quinten Brandt is a pale, messy-haired man in a thick black coat. His appearance never varies. He stands about 5'9 with an unremarkable build and slightly hollow dark brown eyes. He habitually carries with him an old-fashioned doctor's bag which contains most of his belongings and an umbrella. While his manual dexterity is typical of a surgeon, he tends to move very slowly otherwise. Enhanced senses may pick up the faint scent of clay and the sense of old death — more like a memory of it that perceivably persists.

His coat has a high collar and long sleeves. It is always buttoned shut, and rebuffs most methods of seeing beneath it. There is a flask in one pocket full of something like ethanol.


He is a reconstructive and thoracic surgeon available for consultation at the Clinics. He may also operate as a general practitioner, as he has for many years while traveling second and third world countries. Notably, he does utilize some magic in the course of examination, for such things as:

  • sterilizing equipment
  • cleaning wounds
  • limited biological manipulation
  • diagnosis

While not strictly in a medicinal capability, he and two others often work together to provide certain kinds of transformative, reconstructive, or modification services that use both surgical and magical means. His partners are Joseph Kartell and Cecily Morgan.


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