Timothy Hunter

From the Books of Magic series (primarily the first fifty issues as well as supplemental canon from various Vertigo titles like Hellblazer and Swamp Thing), Timothy Hunter is a teenager only recently acquainted with the world of magic. However, as he has the potential to become the greatest magician of his age, the few experiences he's had have been very illluminating. At twelve, the Trenchcoat Brigade — the Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, Doctor Occult, and Mr. E — took him on a precarious tour of the DC Universe's past, present, really-pretend, and future of magic. It was not, in fact, a lark in the Forbidden Forest; it was a look at the whys and hows of magic, not a sheltered introduction to how an extremely insular society ineffectually operates. The people who want to kill or use Tim for their own purposes are not limited to a secret cult of hooded inbreds. Arion, Sargon the Sorcerer, Zatara, and Merlin all tell Tim of the hideous price their devotion to magic has extracted from them and those they love.

At fourteen, Tim is a loner, cynical enough not to be taken in by so many of the traps he's presented with, but far from an adolescent Constantine. The things he's seen and done far outweigh the majority of what adult magic-users experience in a life, yet he's helplessly lost and still in many ways very naive.


Tim's abilities are comparable to the Authority's Doctor, except he hasn't got the handy "knowledge and counsel of all my predecessors" part (and quite a few of his precessors were jerks, anyway). He has the power, but he has a lot to learn about how to use it, not to mention when and why. Some of it comes intuitively; the rest, he has to figure out on his own, which he generally does through application of common (and uncommon) sense. At this point in his progress, he's learned how to more or less defend himself and do some useful things. Circe calls him wet behind the ears, however, which, as a magician who's been left to his own devices and has to teach himself, is perhaps not surprising.

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