Noah Bennet

Warning: Entry may contain mild spoilers for Season 2 of Heroes.

Noah 'HRG' Bennet is a middle-aged father-of-two currently living in Costa Verde, California and working in a copy shop. No special abilities to speak of, unusually for a Nexus visitor.
And if you'll believe that, he's got you exactly where he wants you.

He's a former employee of an organization known as The Company (otherwise known as 'Primatech Paper'), dedicated to the study and protection of superpowered individuals. Although more often 'study' these days. 'Former' employee due to the fact that he defected in order to protect his superpowered adopted daughter Claire from their grasp. And took down the system they used to track 'specials'. And shot one of their chain of command. …Let's just say he's no longer on good terms with them.
He's pleasant enough, if serious with it, when interacting with most people. At the same time, though - well. If you're not on his good side… As far as he's concerned, morals are what you paint on walls. He'll do just about anything to save Claire and his other more recent powered friends. Anything. Injure, steal, kill - okay, he's got some limits, but they go pretty far especially when she's concerned. He's naturally the secretive type. Working for something like the Company that long tends to do that to someone.

He first arrived in the Nexus during the time period of his assault on the Company's New York facility, and started to encounter people with powers that he hadn't imagined from the very beginning. It also eventually provided him with a way to contact people he'd thought would have died. Plus a whole lot of Sylar alternates, much to his annoyance.
A note - he's actually a carrier of the 'special' genes, following a Nexus incident, although he's yet to manifest any powers and is - fortunately or not - generally unaware of his status.

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