The MetaNexus Newspaper is cryptic publication of news and gossip that relates to the multiverse. They publish everything from informative articles to outright libel, taking full advantage of the fact that the Nexus has no law system and thus, they can't be sued. Because they can, however, be blasted/crushed/impaled by offended parties, it is perhaps understandable that the individual(s) involved prefer to remain enigmatic figures. Their office is only accessible via a labyrinthine, Escher-like collection of stairs and corridors. They accept submissions of all kinds.

Known Staff

  • Anytime Jones: intern, ladies' man, Yankees fan, furtive Neopets player
  • "Chrystal": intern, neo-pagan, existence not yet verified as she does not appear to actually write or do anything apart from being occasionally referenced by Anytime
  • Brother E: editor, not a fan of elves
  • The Smoking Man: reporter, agent, salesman, facial features constantly obscured by cloud of smoke


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