On the day he was born…

"Alas," she sighed, "when you father begot you, he begot a great deal of trouble for mortal men and immortal gods."

"Why do you try to scare me as if I was nothing but a silly child? I shall follow the career that offers the best opportunities, for I must look after my own interests and yours. It is intolerable that we alone of the immortals should have to live in this dank cave, receiving neither offerings nor prayers. Would it not be better to spend our days in ease and affluence like the rest of the gods? I am going to get the same status in cult as Apollo. If my father does not give it to me, I will become the prince of thieves. If Apollo hunts me down, I will go plunder his shrine at Delphi; there is plenty of gold there – just you see."
— (Homeric Hymn to Hermes — ll 154-181)

Hermes was one of the first of the Greek gods to find the Nexus.

Major Events

  • Married Norman Osborn
  • Died and was reborn
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