Savannah Grey

Name: Savannah Grey


Fandom: Original Character

D.O.B.: 10/15/1991

Build: normal

Height: 5'1"

Features: Brown hair, usually worn very short, bright blue eyes, light skin. Speaks with a London accent.
Dress: blue and green clothes (when available), often with hand-knitted items made of very loud colors. Prefers sandals over closed toed shoes.

Accessories: PINpoint, knitting needles and bag for yarn, a cup of tea with three sugars.
mun: skylanth


Optical Mutation abilities
Savannah can:

  • “Zoom in” on items, making her eyes act like a microscope. She can see things down to a cellular level, but is limited by the amount of light available. She needs very bright light to see small microscopic things.
  • “Zoom in” on items as a telescope would. She has not found an upper limit to this ability, but does not enjoy the sensation of looking close-up at things far away, such as the moon or planets. The sheer volume of space between her and these objects disturbs her.
  • Selectively see through items such as walls, rock, doors, and other barriers.

Savannah can not:

  • See in the dark. This means that when she sees through a barrier, it must be lit on the other side, with visible light. She may be able to see into a person's stomach, for example, but could not detect anything unless there was a light inside as well.
  • Use her abilities for long periods of time, as it gives her eyestrain
  • Keep her abilities a complete secret, as her pupils get very large when using her enhanced vision.

Miscellany -

  • was born in London, England, UK and lived there with her mother until she was fourteen and was kidnapped by the Shop
  • Is an only child and was mostly raised by her mother, but is now much closer to her father.
  • Was captured by the Shop in 2006, from a dentist's office, to be used as leverage against her father.
  • Developed her mutant powers while in the Shop.
  • Was psychically linked to Shop employee Z for little more than a year, and many of her beliefs show influence of Z's mental control over her.
  • Has no idea what happened to Z, after his psychic hold collapsed, and misses him.
  • Attended Prince Institute of Multiversal Education, or PrIME, though she does not possess any magical talents.
  • Doesn't get along too well with Headmaster Severus Snape
  • loves tea, an inherited trait.
  • Enjoys botany, especially of the magical variety
  • Claims to be Catholic, but her views have been influenced by living in the Nexus.
  • Is the girlfriend of Kurt Wagner
  • Is very bad at cooking
  • tends to not think before she acts
  • Has a pet cat and three pet mice of unusually small size. They can all sit comfortably in a bottle cap.
  • Has a general mistrust of doctors and scientists.
  • Worries constantly about eye injuries.
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