Mary Sue

Mary Sue, also known as everyone, but especially characters you hate, can be either a term of endearment or a black mark of shame.

In general Mary Sues tend to be greatly and unusually powerful, attractive, capable and skilled. However, there are two immediately separable subtypes.

The first (Good Mary Sues) have actual personalities, make mistakes, get angry for good reason, have actual senses of humor, and aren't universally beloved by everybody.

The second (Bad Mary Sues) are prone to purple prose, bizarre names, sparkling orbs, oddly colored hair, cat ears, crystalline tears of pure woe and anguish (which are dried by some beefcake boy who is her TRU LUV!), getting angry for no good reason and throwing pissy temper tantrums to get attention (see also: attention whores), wearing a lot of revealing clothing only to get snotty whenever someone brings attention to it, insisting that everyone adores them for no good reason, and popping up in the most unlikely of places.

If you find yourself confronted with one of the latter, the wisest option is to run. Failing that, faking your own death has been known to throw them off the scent for a little while, but they will eventually come back, suddenly armed with a full knowledge of voo-doo so as to resurrect your corpse. Killing them doesn't work, sadly, as they will most assuredly return more powerful than you could possibly comprehend… often complete with wings and a halo.

Under no circumstances should you try to use earth logic on the latter type of Mary Sue. They are impervious to it.

The male version of a Mary Sue is known as a Gary Stu or Marty Stu.

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