Terra (markovincognita)

Terra, real name Tara Markov, lives in Jump City and is currently the leader of the superhero group the Teen Titans. She is 17 years old as of August 21st, 2007. The girl has been through experiences completely inappropriate of someone so young (captivity, insanity, torture, and death come to mind), but she believes she's been made that much stronger because of it all. Fortunately, things seem to be calming down now on that front.

Terra is so named because of her geomantic powers. If there's enough earth in it, she can move it. If it's something like sand or mud, she can also mold it. Recent intensive training has also given her the limited ability to compress stone, as well as take rocks out of (and put them back into) the earth without leaving giant craters. She's not sure how far her powers can go, but she knows if she pushes herself too far, she'll pass out — or worse, lose control.

Pre-Nexus Canon / Backstory

Her powers come from a lab accident that happened when she was ten years old in her home city of Markovia on the east coast (because her parents were the type of people who could afford to name a city after themselves). Her parents wanted to create a superchild, so they decided to use their son, Brion Markov, as a test subject. The test was exceedingly successful; so much that Tara, who had mistakenly wandered in, wound up affected by it as well. Her brother became known as Geo-Force, but to her parents, she was only known as "freak". Brion helped her with her powers for two years, but one day when she was twelve, she lost control on a massive scale, bringing down her home and most of her city with her. When the dust cleared, she thought she was the only one left. Out of fear, she grabbed what she could and started running across the country, staying wherever people would offer until stories of her powers inevitably came out and she would have to run again.

When she was 13, she found herself in Jump City, where she met the Teen Titans. They took her in, just like everyone else, and she quickly bonded with Beast Boy, with whom she entrusted her secret after an accidental display. Robin, the leader, deduced that she lacked control on his own, but Terra thought Beast Boy had told and went on the run again. This time, she found Slade, who offered her all the control she could ever need in return for spying on the Titans and eventually destroying them. After several months with him, Terra returned to the Titans, where they eventually accepted her as a full member.

One night, she and Beast Boy went to a carnival. Slade had planned a massive attack on the Tower for that night, but even that didn't stop him from dropping by to say hello to his apprentice. Everything came out that night, and Beast Boy, feeling utterly betrayed, renounced his friendship with Terra and left her only to confide with the Titans' worst enemy. Angered by the events, Terra gladly agreed to destroy the Teen Titans and help Slade take over Jump City. For a while, it seemed that was exactly what she had done. However, the Titans survived and proceeded to beat the everloving crap out of her. When she returned to Slade's lair and realized that he didn't care about her well-being, she began rebelling.

The Titans soon located Slade, who took control of Terra's body through her apprentice armor and forced her to attack her former friends. Beast Boy helped her see the light and realize that she always had a choice, so she chose to end Slade once and for all. In an explosion of power, she threw him into the lava of the volcano that Slade had chosen for his lair; unfortunately, her powers also triggered the volcano to erupt. Knowing she was the only one who could stop it, she gave her parting words to the Titans, then cut loose with her powers, petrifying her body in the process.

Heavily Abridged Nexus Canon

On October 4th, 2005, Terra appeared as a spirit detached from her statue in the Nexus. In early 2006, her brother appeared and restored her to her actual body. She's been kidnapped by the Joker, tortured by Changeling, and continually tormented by Slade. She's raged against the machine in a very literal sense and helped to take down an evil division of the government. She's been in love a few times with a few people and has also lost some of those loves. Just your normal teenage girl with superpowers and access to an omniversal Nexus.


  • Terra is munned by a man called deltashade.
  • She has trained with Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender as well as Wendel from Suikoden IV.
  • She considers Aya-chan from Weiß Kreuz her sister and one of her best friends.
  • For a brief period, she possessed powers of aeromancy, as well as shape-changing abilities (when she woke up in her boyfriend's body).
  • She has had sex with Yamada Hanatarou.
    • She has had sex with Yamada Hanatarou.
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  • She has aspirations of being a rock star and is learning how to play guitar for specifically that reason. When she turns 18, she thinks she'll leave the Titans to do that.
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