Lyon (jr_queensguard)

Lyon is a character from the RPG ''Suikoden V'', produced and released by Konami for the PS2.

(Note: Spoilers galore follow.)


Lyon serves the royal family of Falena, who in turn are care takers for the Sun Rune, Dawn Rune, and Twilight Rune. Her duties to the family include being the body guard for the prince of Falena, Faroush, and training to become a full fledged Queen's Knight. She takes both of these seriously, and they are two of the major goals in her life.

++Physical Description
Lyon has black hair and blue eyes, and prefers to wear the uniform given to apprentice knights. (Black cloth with gold stripes on the fabric edges, a protective but undecorated shirt of armor, and slightly more elaborate greaves.)

+++Canon History
Lyon's original parents and siblings (if any) are unknown.

Her earliest memories are of training in an organization called Nether Gate. The group was essentially the royal family's assassins and secret police. She spent roughly eight years there, learning the skills of the group.

Lyon (then known as Mismar) would've made her first kill and become an official member in two more years, but this was cut short thanks to two things. The first was a regime change as the previous queen died of illness, and her eldest daughter Arshtat took the throne. The second was Arshtat's subsequent disbanding of Nether Gate.

Resistance in the assassin's ranks turned the dissolution into a forced raid, and in the resulting chaos Lyon (now eight years old) was found by Ferid who showed her the first kindness she'd experienced in years. Since she had no family to return to, and no real purpose with Nether Gate dissolved, Mismar was taken back to the capital and taken under the royal family's wing. (And also given her current name to reflect her new life.) Lyon eventually went on to become an Queen's Knight apprentice, and the prince's bodyguard.

+Nexus History
Shortly after visiting Lordlake, Lyon discovered a broom closet in the Sun Palace that led to the Nexus. She then proceeded to meet up with several characters from an alternate version of Falena, or from nearly 150 years ago. (Among a variety of other fandoms.)

Because of her interactions with these characters, Lyon's world has begun to depart from the events in the game and is slowly becoming AU. And naturally gets a good chunk of LOL thrown in to keep things interesting.

Thanks to an incident involving cursed treasure, flooding, and several ill tempered krakens, Lyon gained knowledge from an alternate version of Lun on how the events in her world would play out without any interference. Determined to stop civil war from ever happening, she informed Kyle about the Godwin family's plans. A short planning session later, they also enlisted the help of Jill Valentine, and eventually brought Miakis and Faroush into the fold as well once the Queen's Knight and prince discovered the Nexus.

The sometimes duo-sometimes trio-sometimes foursome proceeded to make a nuisance of themselves in Stormfist as the Sacred Games approached, trying to uncover the Godwin's agenda and figuring out how to stop the nobles. Their involvement did not go unnoticed, and Jill was singled out thanks to some planted information and led into an ambush in the wilderness outside Stormfist. What wasn't planned was that she'd bring Lyon and Kyle with her, who were able to help turn the ambush to their favor. This tipped the Godwin family's hand into revealing their champion, Childerich, who tried to eliminate the group personally. Again, it backfired on the Godwins by leaving Childerich injured to the point of being crippled, and unable to fight or win in the Games.

The group's victory was dampened by the fact that they forgot about the Barows family, whose champion was never disqualified thanks to their actions (or lack thereof) and went on to win the Sacred Games. This has left Lym enaged to Euram, much to Lyon's disgust. The Nexus Lun and several other stars of destiny have assured her that the Barows family will be easy to discredit after dealing with the Godwins, provided the group can accuse them of stealing the Dawn Rune and provide evidence. With everything else that's happened so far, Lyon's convinced that the alternates have a point and intends to follow it.

+LOL and other Nexus related shenanigans
About a week after arriving at the Nexus, Lyon was cursed by taking a piece of Aztec gold, ala Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. This resulted in her having to be away from the royal palace whenever the moon was out, and consequently spent more time in the Nexus. She struck up several friendships, and with a help of an alternate Lun had the curse removed.

After Faroush discovered the Nexus, they both visited the place on his insistence and wound up getting teleported to Hoenn in the Pokemon world. Various culture shocks and confusion ensued, compounded with rescuing a kidnapped Growlithe from Team Rocket and Aqua. Lyon ended up saddled with the affectionate animal, who was dubbed Lord Faroush the Second, Conqueror of Hoenn by the prince. (Lyon has since shortened the name to Farou.)

Lyon has also participated in the Rassplosion, although not by choice. When the reality altering wave swept through the Nexus, Lyon's history was rewritten, and also split into two different paths. This created two versions of her, who remained unaware of the other's existence during the Rassplosion.

The first was the Lyon from one of Suikoden V's best endings, and had gained her knighthood. She mostly stayed under the radar, outside of a few runs ins with other reality altered characters.

The other version was not nearly as low key, or benevolent. The second version came from a world where Ferind never found her, and so she stayed with Nether Gate and began working for the Godwins. She kept the name Mismar, and the blank personality typical of most Nether Gate assassins.
Mismar proceeded to cause plenty of grief for the Suikoden cast by attacking Wendel, an alternate of herself, and Faylen with only a small amount of provocation. She also managed to greatly disturb Shigure by treating him as a superior assassin, implying that in that world he also never left the organization.

In the end, both halves were forced back into her, although Lyon was left with hazy memories from her time as Mismar. What sort of impact this will have between her and the other Suikoden pups has yet to be determined.

++Friendships, Acquaintances, And Everything In Between
Lyon had developed a bit of hero worship for one Jill Valentine from Resident Evil (also known as 'Lady Jill of the Allied City States of America') after hearing a carefully edited version of her adventures. She treats Jill as equal parts role model and greater in station, and gives her the utmost respect.

She respects Ether for his combat expertise and his experience. Lyon also recognizes that he has had several painful past experiences that he doesn't want to talk about, which gives her an odd sense of comradeship with him.

During her first visit in the Nexus, Lyon also met up with Toph of Avatar fame, and was immediately impressed with her earthbending abilities. (And how different they are from standard earth magic in her world.) Several conversations and survival of various Nexus LOLs and kraken attacks have helped to further cement their friendship.

Other notable acquaintances and friends include the alternates of Falena; she's had the most contact with Shigure and Lun, along with Lei Lei to a lesser degree. (And a brush up with Roy and Faylen, although the encounter was less then friendly.)
She also has a good rapport with Wendel from Suikoden IV, and Michel Mcdohl from the first game. And naturally, she gets along with Kyle, Prince Faroush, and Miakis, who all know about the Nexus.

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