Johnny (Keytothefuture)

Johnny is the result of running far too far with a crazy idea for a crossover. He's fourteen years old, and is a mixture of a teenaged rookie Master Chief from Halo and Kingdom Hearts' Sora and Riku. He comes from a world that's equally a mixture of the two series (including, on the Halo side, bits from Red Vs. Blue, Marathon, etc). Overall, he's an optimistic and lively - to the point of being rather cocky at times - kid.

He's lived on the remote island of Reach since he was six years old, and doesn't remember any earlier than that - his first memories are of washing up on the beach. A relative outsider, along with his close friends Sam and Kelly, he's never really wanted *to* be one of the popular kids. And so things went on happily… until the Heartless hit. A whole *flood* of them. Kelly apparently vanished, Sam seemed to be swarmed by them, but John - got a little help. Keyblade shaped help.
He woke up in a place called Blood Gulch, ran into various of its residents - and then into a pair of royal emissaries by the names of Cortana and Guilty Spark, who promptly dragged him off to start saving the universe. Which is… pretty much the current state of events.

Things to note:
- He's substantially taller and heavier-built than average; definitely far more so than Sora is. He's not really going to pass for anything more than 'a big fourteen-year-old', though.
- His keyblade is called The Index. He tends to use it more like an axe than a sword. He also uses other weapons at times - a couple of handguns of sorts, and crystal and light grenades that roughly correspond to the frag and plasma kinds from Halo canon.
- He, quite frankly, sucks at magic to a degree further than any keyblade bearer really should. While the keyblade will otherwise do its job - his Fire spells are weak little triple blasts, his Thunder only really serves as a flare if anything, and the only spell that he can get any decent use from is Aero. Even that doesn't look particularly like Sora's, more a kind of wind-bubble - but it works nicely. He also can't summon creatures at all, even after having been taught the techniques.
- In place of that, though? He's lucky. Supernaturally so. It's not certain whether he alters probability in his environment, or is actually weakly precognitive, but the results are the same. He sure as heck doesn't know how it happens, but he's not going to argue with the results.
- He doesn't have an issue with normal Heartless, given what the ones in his world are like. He also doesn't know that Nobodies are typically trouble, and actually quite likes the Zexion he's met, considering him a tutor/mentor/friend of sorts. Someone's going to get a shock, although his local Organization lineup doesn't entirely match the usual.
- It would appear that time in his universe is decidedly out of sync with Nexus local time (due to the mun's inability to keep a one to one correspondence going). If it's been a few weeks for you, it probably hasn't been for him.
- Anyone sensitive to these things? There is something very, very weird about the connection between his heart and body. Like something's been upset there. He's not a Nobody or Heartless, though. His heart's perfectly fine, it just 'reads' more like a hardened soldier's (with all the darkness involved) than a young boy's.
- So far the worlds he's visited have been based on levels and planets out of Halo canon; it's entirely likely that he'll be dropping in on ones that aren't, though.

His journal's over here.

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