Keyser Soze (in_verbatim)

Keyser Soze is the villain of the 1995 movie, The Usual Suspects. He is played by Nai on dear_multiverse and in the Sanctuary. Because the movie canon is only two hours long, much of this character is original speculation. For a purely canonical view of the character, please visit here.


The Basics

Keyser Soze is a crime lord from Turkey, though he's spent the three years before arriving in the Nexus in New York City under the pseudonym Roger "Verbal" Kint. Over the years, he's earned himself a reputation of being utterly ruthless in his work, almost inhumanly so, leading many people to doubt his existence or even call him the "Devil." He seldom shows his face to his employees, and most people don't even know when they're working for him. He specializes in narcotics.

Since the previous summer, this has been stripped of him. He's been killed. He's physically incapable of harming anyone, now. He's trapped inside the Nexus, all communications with his old life severed. To top it all off, his soul is merged with another man's… and it's the only thing keeping him alive.

The Man

At a Glance

Soze is 37 years old, with a deeply lined face that makes his "thirty-odd years a good guess at best."1 He has dull, oftentimes inexpressive eyes, and dark brown hair cut not-so-subtly in a devil's peak. He tends to wear tacky, patterned shirts, though he does know how to dress nicely when he needs to make an impression. He often avoids eye contact with strangers, which could mistakingly lead to the belief that he's shy. When he speaks, his voice is a cool monotone. He likes to keep his hands constantly busy. If he isn't smoking, he's gesturing.


Soze is arrogant, paranoid, and highly manipulative, though it might not to be immediately obvious. He takes joy in throwing people off guard as well as spreading his reputation, an element of himself he never grows tired of. He reads the newspaper obsessively and drinks his coffee black. He clings to routine, and it's because of this that he has trouble pulling out of habits, such as smoking.

He's stuck somewhere between self-loathing and vanity. He lies compulsively. He still introduces himself as Verbal Kint, though he no longer has the fake cerebral palsy to back it up.

He also believes that he must finish anything he starts, even if it destroys him.



There is a legend, and he makes sure people hear it.

Soze starts as a smalltime drug smuggler. He isn't at the top, of course, but he's good at what he does, and it attracts attention. A group of Hungarians break into his house one day and hold his family hostage, threatening him to either give them his business or watch them die. They kill his youngest son. Rather than give into their demands, Soze snaps and turns the gun on his own family, killing them one by one in front of the Hungarians.

He tells him he would rather see his family dead than live another day after this. He lets the last Hungarian go, waits until his wife and kids are in the ground, and then he goes after the rest of the mob. He kills their kids. He kills their wives. He kills their parents and their parents' friends. He burns down the houses they live in, the stores they work in. He kills people that owe them money.2

And then he disappears, never doing business in person again. If you ask him about this, he'll tell you it's all true. He has no problem with people knowing. In fact, he likes the picture of power it paints for him. Of course, the duality of how he sees himself is still there, and sometimes— a lot of the time, even— he actually hates himself for what he's done.




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