Kassy is a semi-coherent compilation of exactly twelve different and awesome things, held together by duct tape, caffeine, and (s)excellence.

She is old enough to vote, drink, and opinionate in vaguely-informed, somewhat intelligent ways and currently resides in the Middle of Nowhere, North Carolina. (No, really.) She enjoys fictional science, temporal theory, nineteenth century historical fiction, British movies/television, anything paisley, the way books smell, and the very alarming color mauve. Despite writing a literal fuckton of it, she does not enjoy any flavor of dramatique. When not slowly conquering the universe via stealing souls over the webs, Kassy's hobbies include looming scarves (which she calls her Little Time Babies), bitingly sarcastic political commentary of any sort, troooooolling in the dungeon, and making delicious things in Photoshop.

On the webs, Kassy is known for bringing Jack Harkness to the yard in an overtly sexual way that makes the Doctors (all ten of them) facepalm and causes bitchy toaster existential angst. She also writes epic and convoluted plots that are unexpected like the Spanish Inquisition and oftentimes require a very extensive roadmap to follow.

The chief exports of Kassy are Awesome Sauceā„¢ and win.


Explicit content not intended for children, minors, pregnant women, old folks, baby kittens, those with heart conditions, and the otherwise easily offended. (i.e. I predict a mansex riot!)

Extended exposure to Kassy may cause some of the following symptoms: discovery of sexuality, consideration of pansexuality, general corruption, moral ambiguity, explosive build-up of (s)excellence, torrential downpours of awesome and win, and several types of things.

No, seriously. She never shuts up about gay sex. Especially the slash that writes itself.


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