Jeff Levitt (jmlevitt)

Jeff Levitt is an original character played by Izzyryu. His PB is Izzy Stradlin


Vital Statistics

Full Name: Jeffrey Michael Levitt
Species: Human
Universe of Origin: Mundane Earth, modern day
D.O.B.: February 28th, 1965

Height: 6'1"
Weight: ~160 lbs.
Blood Type: A Positive

Current Occupation: Novelist and Lord of Crossroad Keep



Jeff is a fairly unassuming, ordinary human fast approaching middle age. He stands just over six feet tall and is thin as a rail, though it's hard to tell exactly how tall he is with his perpetual slouch. His hair is short but unruly, dark brown streaked generously with gray. His age shows most in his angular face, deeply lined around the mouth and eyes, which are an unremarkable brown. When he speaks, it is in a quiet tenor, his American accent holding a trace of a Midwestern drawl.

Jeff's one of those guys who found a look that worked for him and stuck with it. When he's at work or somewhere he needs to dress fairly nice, the look is a dark grey suit, with a black button-down shirt and dress shoes. He prefers not to wear a tie, but if he has to it's usually a fairly dark solid color.

He keeps the button-down shirt for casual wear, but trades in the suit for a pair of jeans and the dress shoes for a pair of sneakers.


After the events of Flowerclock, Jeff and Soze's bond was severed. His aura is now completely normal for an ordinary human of his age.

Jeff's aura is a strange one, as it appears strangely "incomplete" to mystic senses. There isn't any less energy than a normal soul, but his soul feels only halfway there. His aura seems to trail off into the distance, gradually fading out.

Keyser Soze is the "missing half" of Jeff's soul, and vice versa. When the two of them are in the same room together, their aura's blend seamlessly into each other.



Jeff was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, only son of Helen and Martin Levitt. He had a very overactive imagination from a very young age, and spent far too many afternoons pretending he was a monster and knocking down his wooden-block replicas of Tokyo and New York. He was a shy, quiet kid when he wasn't pretending to be Godzilla or Dracula, and like a lot of shy kids got teased by his peers.

He found horror stories in high school, and began to write seriously in college. By the time he got to graduate school, he was able to make a decent amount of pocket change selling short stories to various magazines and publishers. Not enough to make the rent, but it was enough. He joined up with the Cincinnati Enquirer as a staff writer straight out of school, where he met and married his wife, Susan Pieklo.

He moved to New York about five years ago, spurred by a friend of his from school. John called him out of the blue and mentioned that he wanted to start an anthology magazine for horror. He wanted Jeff on board as its editor, and Jeff eagerly accepted. With so many publishers based in New York, he was convinced that it would be a great opportunity.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a disaster. The rather grandly-titled Memento Mori went out of business within a year. Worse, Susan hated New York, hated that she had to leave her friends behind, and had trouble fitting in. They fought constantly, with their arguments getting worse as his magazine spiraled towards failure. The final blow came when he returned home after closing his office for good to find her gone.

He could have gone after her, but that would have meant giving up writing. Instead he stayed, got a "real" job as a copy editor for the New York Times and worked on rebuilding his life. He fell into routine, one that changed little until his kitchen door accidentally became a gateway to the Nexus.

The Weird Stuff

Jeff is no longer soulbonded to Soze. Their bond was severed when they died and were brought back during the Flowerclock incident.

Soulbonded: Short version: Jeff and Keyser Soze are effectively two beings with one soul. Physical effects, such as pain, injury, and severe sickness, transfer from one to the other. They are also linked empathically, and can sense the other's physical location. The long version is here.

Shielded Mind: Jeff has very strong mental shields, placed on him by Kaa. His mind cannot be affected without his consent. This includes telepathic communication, mind reading, psychic probing, hypnosis, or psychic attacks. He can choose to conceal his mind so that it can't even be detected by psychic senses at all.

Jeff normally leaves his shields partially down, allowing psychics to sense his mental presence and allowing creatures that speak via telepathy to communicate with him.

LOL Magnet: Coincidence, happenstance, fate or just plain bad luck draws Jeff to LOL causing foods, devices, creatures, and accidents with alarming regularity. The reason for this is unknown, but Jeff's pet theory claims that the Nexus is both sentient and laughing at him.

Eldritch Sensitivity: Jeff's ordeal made him extremely sensitive to Eldritch energies. Being around such energy, or beings tainted with such energy is uncomfortable at best and extremely painful at worst, depending on the strength of the energy near him.

L33t D00d: Due to a brief stint as the god of l33tsp34k, he is now fluent in the "language."


  • He owns a species of Pokemon called a Buneary, creatively named "Bun." She appears to be an oversized rabbit with sheep-like wool on her lower body and the tips of her ears. She is about as intelligent as a human toddler, and Jeff spoils her rotten.
  • Jeff is the ruling lord of Crossroad Keep, a fully-outfitted (if small) castle that spontaneously appeared in the Nexus after Jeff drew a card from a Deck of Many Things LOL. The keep is located a short walk from the Sign, and comes complete with castle staff and monster in the dungeon (species to be determined). It also comes equipped with the magical equivalent of just about every modern convenience, an extensive library, and a large storeroom.
  • The storeroom of the keep is enchanted to provide whatever is required by the person who opens the door. It's limited in that it can only provite items that are available to adventurers native to the Sword Coast on the world of Abeir-Toril. It also will not provide pure currency. It can and does provide magic items; however these items behave unpredictably when removed from the keep. One memorable incident involving a Wand of Polymorphing resulted in an explosion in the Sanctuary that temporarily turned several Nexus denizens into mythological beasts.
  • Jeff has a tattoo of the Seal of Rassilon on his left buttock. His only excuse is that he was extremely drunk on Gallifreyan liquor at the time.
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