She grows salt-encrusted limes from the top of her head and cries tequila tears. She has never experienced reincarnation. Under that insouciant facade, she is wearing another insouciant facade. Her favorite colors are dust, avocado, cream, dark gray, gold, bacon, and black. If you put her into a room within which are keys to a puzzle that ultimately will release you from its confines, she will not be able to do so without a walkthrough. You do not have to worry about the Jill sneaking up on you. Her joints crackle merrily like bubble wrap, frightening children and small animals.


making icon bases, pontification, loving you like you ought to be loved, channeling the urgency of male teenager flailing, overlooking the obvious, text adventure games, generating non-sexy heat, wearing hamsters on the head, strategic topic changes, recreational narcolepsy, snide commentary, barebones web design, elaborate non-sequitars

character specialties

Most of my characters fall into one or more of the following categories. These are the ones I consider the best representations of each. They're also the most active.

the rest of the peanut gallery


These guys aren't used quite as often, but they come out when they're needed or when I'm in the mood for them.


Once upon a time, I played these guys. Some of them, I'd still play, but I suck at them. Note the high volume of OCs and female characters ._. Rodolphus, however, is genuinely ICly deceased.


  • Takhys: Jillian is a spicy little bundle of mirth, snark and well written characters. Although I neither live in her lungs, nor do I have a birdhouse in her soul, I do wub her longtime, baby.
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