Izzyryu, AKA Izzy AKA Nicole is 34, and has recently returned to college to pursue a degree in computer animation. It turns out that this is just as awesome as it sounds, and she hopes to actually get paid for making pixels move prettily across a computer screen at some point in the near future. She lives in Chicago and has a slight obsession with Izzy Stradlin, who she uses as a PB for every character ever. Except the Swedish Chef. That would be silly.1


Jeff Levitt - Hapless writer with a penchant for attracting weirdness.
Professor Jeffrey Levitt An alternate of Jeff from a highly magical universe. Professor of arcane studies specializing in warding and evocation.
Jake Lynch - Laid back, friendly musician who just happens to be a hideous monster.
The Swedish Chef - 'Nuff said.

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